Peter Schuback is our candidate for Longman in the 2019 Federal Election

This is our local bloke on the ground in Queensland, long time member of Australia First Party, Mr Peter Schuback, who is our candidate for the Seat of Longman in the 2019 Federal Election.

The party also contested that electorate in the by-election last July.  Peter has been a candidate for Australia First before for the Senate in 2010 and 2013 and for Fraser Coast City Regional Council.

Peter will face the joke party of Clive Palmer and some other minor playactors – and of course, the major parties of globalist capital.

Peter is a native born and bred Queensland nationalist and community activist.  We will publish Peter’s activist biography in the near future.

He’s a professional long distance truck driver of many years.   As the Vice President of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association, he was a major player in the Transport Shutdown of 2008 and in other transport struggles. In particular, he has been a strong advocate of resistance to unjust traffic and other fines and has organized a process to question fines. He has saved drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has also been noted for a fight waged against asbestos in Queensland school buildings.

It is expected our candidate will campaign actively to garner community support. It will be a fight to get attention ahead of the blunderbuss Palmer United Australia Party and the Liberal satellite known as One Nation, but we have a determined team.

Peter Schuback is married with six adult children and a teenager and is a strong supporter of traditional family mores.


Longman Federal Electorate

Federally, the electorate is named ‘Longman’.   Just north of Greater Brisbane and basically centred around Caboolture, the Seat of Longman was proclaimed in 1994, named after Irene Longman who became the first female member of the Parliament of Queensland and the third woman elected to a parliament in Australia.

Zooming into locality level…

The electorate of Longman was contested by Australia First Party in the by-election last July.

Peter has been a candidate for Australia First previously, both times for the Senate for Queensland.  At that time, the party was still relatively unknown on the ground in that area based around Caboolture. We were competed against by a rather full field including One Nation. Even so as the campaign got going, a full-scale media denunciation of our then-candidate, the party president Jim Saleam, won us some recognition. It was an effort at that time to poll over 700 votes. We now expect to do better.

Australia First’s Peter Schuback is a local, and a seasoned AFP campaigner who represented our political party in 2012 during the local Fraser Coast council election.

This contrasts markedly with the major party arrogance of their candidates pre-selection and just as quick their dumping of established candidates.

Liberal PM Scott Morrison has just unceremoniously dumped his local candidate Grant Schultz in the NSW coastal electorate of Gilmore (Shoalhaven) to parachute in his captain’s pick Aboriginal Warren Mundine from Sydney’s metropolitan north shore.

Scomo is doing a Labor treachery tactic like how Bill Shorten captain picked neurosurgeon activist Brian Owler for the electorate of Bennelong and dumped pre-existing Lyndal Howison.  In doing so, Shortshrift breached his principled female quota manifesto. Labor principles are always about whatever it takes; just ask Richo.