Greens Left Party for drugs, druggies and induced comas – conflicted by ‘coming out’ addict MLC Cate Faehrmann

Inner Sydney and Greens-Left upper house politician Cate Faehrmann MLC (48) yesterday fessed up to drug addiction, popping MDMA (Ecstasy) pills to party hard from age 20 into her current 40’s.  Cate won’t disclose her MDMA dealer “for obvious reasons.”  Cate’s dealer would have had to put her prices up from all Cate’s sanctioned demand.

FOMO Faehrmann Festing

How extreme loopy and dangerous can a political party get?

The Greens-Left policy is to legalise illicit drugs Australia-wide irrespective of the social harm.  The fruitcake Greens are demanding the legalising of cannabis, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cocaine, ICE, heroine, the lot.   They want open slather, any amount and time, recreationally, at work, driving, you name it.  The Taliban controlling the opium Golden Crescent growing zone are set to become millionaires with Cates encourage new mass demand.  Child labour is available for harvest deployment.

Faehrmann Drug Child Harvesting

The Chinese Triad are ready to load heroine by the shipload bound for downunder. Blond cropt Cate Faerhmann has re-branded herself nugatory Greens Drug Queen.   With her heads limbo still in the silly season, Cate’s clearly yet to come down to planet Earth.

Spaced out 101 – peroxide blonde cropt Faehrmann Drug Queen


Where as drug use like in Portugal, is treated as a health rehabilitation issue on an individual basis, The Greens extremist proposal to open slather decriminalise trafficking in illicit drugs is anarchist, criminal and community destroying, by targeting young impressionable Australians.  The Greens illicit drugs decriminalisation policy only seeks to perpetuate addiction, the demise, the unemployability and hopelessness of White Australians.

The Greens are globalist neo-communists. They exist since di Natali’s reign to align ideologty and politial campaigning with neo-Communists like the unions, Trotskyists and Antifa.  They embrace mass Third World immigration and multiculturalism, aligning with ethnics to shun White Australians and deny criticism.  The Greens are anti-White Australian hateful, particularly against any Australian born male.

Cropt Cate fits the Greens-Left mould to a tee.  Born in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras central Darlinghurst, her druggie parents sadly abandoned her, and her adoptive parents in a small town chemist out of Toowoomba in Queensland.  Cate keeps the town a secret, but some suspect it was ‘Bongeen‘ – yes it does exist.   Cate’s foster mum was a drug addict and overdosed, and Cate had access to all the backroom chemist shop prescriptions you could poke a stick at.

Wild Child bonging on back then in Bongeen


A wild child and being Social Justice Warrior leftard inclined, Cate did a nondescript Arts Degree at leftie uni central La Trobe University – think Roz Ward’s Safe Schools.   As a feminazi Cate cropped her hair short there and set up a Women’s Collective on campus and regularly arrange wobbly board waving hysterical protests in socialist Melbourne.

Of course Cate was a founding board member of GetUp.  But she only conned into the boss job of the Nature Conservation Council in Sydney’s alternative Newtown so she could wedge her activist credentials, like her Walk Against Warming to draw thousands of Lefties in Sydney so she could advance her polly career up the food chain of Greens Left party politics.  Cate happily advanced her power to becoming Dr Ricardo Di Natale’s Chief of Staff.

Infamous date of May 6 in 2015, when tree-hugging Greens went globalist-leftist and Sicilian Ricardo di Natali replaced Tassie’s Christine Milne.


It was the doomsday that nugatory Greens abandoned the forests for leftism:

  • Global Warming
  • No Borders
  • Third World indiscriminate invites
  • No Coal, no power, go Stone Age
  • Sexual Deviance
  • Soft of Crime
  • Meat-banning Veganism
  • Anti-Vax infanticide
  • Narcotics legalised
  • Pills Testing

Dr Ricardo di Natali said bugger the threatened Koalas, we’re rolling out UN 2030 One Worldism – First World wealth surrendering to Third World, mass welfarism, mass immigration, de-industrialistion, Venezuelan-style economic collapse, Afro-machete anarchy and the anarcho-leftist holy grail – White Flight and ultimately White Genocide.

Medicinal use only up the back at Deans Marsh

Notice how Greens are luring quacks to their ranks?

  • Dr Bob Brown
  • Dr Richardo di Natali, a former drug and alcohol doctor
  • Dr Mehreen Faruqi
  • Dr Rob Oakeshott  – studying medicine online, hoping to practice on aged care.

Like the Sicilian, Cate’s never hugged a tree or Koala in her life and has no interest; instead may be the odd fake refugees for the media and dance party port-a-loo toilet bowls – no doubt why she cropped her hair.

Cate’s shown full-blown extreme Leftist credentials – her public backing of deviant marriage, of LGBTIQ+ brainwashing adoption of innocent infants, normalising euthanasia, and vegan activism to ban livestock farming.  She’s against police sniffer dog searches of drug dealers at drug festivals.  The dumb cropt blondie wants to fund backyard lab narcotics testing at drugs festivals – estimated to cost non-drug taking taxpayers $16 million a year.

Drugs seem to run in the Leftard family.  Labor’s cropt blonde Tanya Plibershrek fell for a heroin dealer and addict, Michael Coutts-Trotter.

“Any left luv, after a hard week’s pollying?”


Cate’s keen on drug law reform (drugs free for all) because she’s addicted herself to MDMA and to all night dance drug festivals.

Bring it on MDMA, Cocaine, Heroine, LSD, PMA, GBL, wicked shit.

Greens member frequent use discount applies

Then sicko brings it on undetectable: ketamine, hashish, heroin, petrol sniffing, oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, rohypnol, atracotoxin (Funnelweb venom), botulinum, ricin, anthrax, sarin, Puffer Fish tetrodotoxin, fasciculins snake venom, atracotoxins (Funnelweb venom), cyanide, arsenic, strychnine, bleach, battery acid.

Faehrmann Death Pill Fests

A dirt-cheap pill of ‘monkey dust’ for just $10 gives ya paranoia and psychosis.


Pills tester:        “What colour is the pill?”

Young Raver:    “Green looking”

Pills tester:       “Yeah no worries, probably.”

And try the wicked backyard punch cocktail!   Cate reckons “cool!”   Instead of pre-loading on VB or a nice wine or mixed drink, the carefree youth psychosis is to just “go sick” and Faehrmann Drug Festing..

Bugger a beer or wine over a meal in a pub watching a local band, this is nugatory Greens psychosis ‘recreational’ new normal after Greens national conferences:

Faehrmann pills festing will solve everything, man.  The Greens are currently recruiting for pills testers amongst rave partygoers.

Greens pills testing in the festival tent:  “Very fishscaley”

Hardcore music festivals have become drug fests.   They are luring and brainwashing young Australians (under 35) to become dance rave junkies – partying only by swallowing illicit drugs – mostly from backdoor labs around Australia are being lured to take silver bullet narcotics like Russian roulette. “I wanna get high but will this pill kill?”

Vote 1:  Da Greens

Not overdosing, illicit pill taking ingests neurotoxins that render your brain a catatonic, your heart defibrillated and with acute liver failure. Actually rat poison would do the same job, but just taste shit. If you plan to have children, presume a very scary outcome.