Peter Fitzsimons a Leftist apologist for race riots by foreigners against Australians

The anti-Australian prejudice propagated on ethnic SBS Television’s ‘The Great Australian Race Riot‘ series is a disgraceful one-sided fabrication of historic truth.

Fairfax Leftist journalist and otherwise bandana’d Peter Fitzsimons, seems to have missed out covering the many riots by illegals trying to smuggle their way into Australia.  For this propaganda doco, Fitzsimons swapped his socialist red bandana for a black Akubra to convey a false impression he’s a dinky di Aussie.

Crapiola fraudsta!

Fitzsimon’s foreign bias suits him leaving on his red bandana – a headgear renowned to be symbolically be worn by invading Afro criminal gangs ‘Bloods’ in Los Angeles U.S.A responsible for drug trafficking, robbery, and murder.  Nice.  Sydneysiders may know Fitzsimons from his former 2UE Breakfast radio slot with Leftist Mike Carlton.

Peter Fitzsimons on SBS Great Lies and Propaganda

This Bollinger socialist got the SBS gig to host its race riot propaganda series because he is so anti-Australian.

Now on SBS TV’s payroll, funded by Australian taxpayers, Fitzsimons takes a swipe at Australian history and at ordinary Australians defending their home and country.  He tries to rewrite history, claiming that the 19th Century riots at Lambing Flat and Broome were caused by Australians.  Crap.  History shows in all cases, that Asians arrived in large numbers and tried to take over the place. Lambing Flat was in fact a Digger uprising against invading Chinese.  In Kalgoorlie during the Great Depression an immigrant murdered a Digger and got away with it.  It was a repeat of the stabbing murder of a Australian returned soldier at Kalgoorlie in 1919 – Fitzsimons failed to mention that.

Fitzsimons attacks Australian returned soldiers defending Brisbane from Russian mobs and he’s taken sides with Leb gangs who harassed Aussie girls on Cronulla beach.   He completely ignores the Cowra Riot and Breakout by 1,100 Japanese POWs in 1944.  He completely ignores the Arab Muslim Riots in Sydney’s Hyde Park in 2012.

Sydney Hyde Park Riot 2012

When it comes to the many race riots by illegals in Australian detention centres, Fitzsimons only covers the Woomera Centre riot in 2002 and then blames Australians, not the inmates who rioted.

Arab illegals rioting on Manus IslandRioting arabs on Manus Island this week – and they think we want this violent illegal scum in Australia?

Fitzsimons, covering a number of historic riots pretends to be driving across Australia (while being flown at taxpayer expense).  At each locale where the riots occurred, Fitzsimons invariably blames ordinary local Australians as ‘The Mob‘ who antagonised and set upon innocent ethnics. He is so one-sided.

SBS Great Australian Race RiotFitzsimons:  Now I want you lot from Screenwise Acting School to look real mean for the camera!


He is not an historian nor a sociologist. The experts he relies upon are all ethnic. His anti-Australian agenda is that of a card-carrying Commo.

If reciprocally, Australians had travelled to a foreign land and rioted there, Fitzsimons would have a case against the Australians.  But biased, he ignores the self-defence motive of patriotic Australians defending their home from outnumbering foreigners.

All the many detention centre riots in Australia an on offshore facilities have been race related – foreign races grouping together as violent mobs trashing their facilities to they can illegally invade Australia.  Typically the boat arrivals are some extraction of arab or asian with no English and most Muslim.  Who wants the illegal scum?   Riots at Darwin, Villawood, Nauru, Christmas Island, Manus Island, Woomera were all started by foreign ethnics, not by Australians.

How about the Great Race Riot at Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre in April 2011?  The mostly Arab detainees torched an oxygen cylinder leading to an explosion shortly after 2am and set fire to detention centre buildings.  They pelted Australian firefighters with roof tiles.

Villawood Detention Centre Riot

Nine demountable buildings – medical centre, kitchen, dining room, laundry and a computer room – have been gutted by fire and the centre appeared a charred and mangled mess in the morning light.  About a hundred rioted and failed the Australian immigration good character test.

Five riots by foreigners on Australian territory during 2011 and 2012 at Villawood in Sydney, Christmas Island and Darwin have cost Australian taxpayers more than $17 million.

Invasion is illegal.  Many illegals without a visa also arrive without identity.  They could be criminals like Man Monis proved in the Martin Place siege in December 2014.  He was a so-called asylum seeker from Iran.

Every nation has a right to protect its borders, but it seems Fitzsimons rejects that just like The Greens – come all you Third World millions we lu ya!

What motivation do Australians have to accept violent illegals into the Australian community. Friggen none!  Piss ’em all off back to where they paid their smugglers.

Illegal Immigrants cost Australia

Peter Fitzsimons in yet another SBS anti-Australian propaganda series, avoids the essense of Australian culture. From 1788 to 1901, Australia was British and settled by the British as a colony of the then British empire for British and compatible Europeans.   Settlers from Britain and Europe migrated on the basis that Australia was British, not Chinese, not African or Russian or Callothumpian.   For two hundred years, White migrants to Australia have been promised a country of White British culture and English language; not a pluralistic melting pot of Chinese Joss houses, mosques, indians or foreign Third World barbarism and lingos.

Australia has become the luckiest nation because Australians made it so and stopped riff raff wrecking it.  Whitlam tried to fix a nation that wasn’t broken.  Whitlam liked his Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork, which could have been his multiculturalism motivation.  The only good thing about multiculturalism is the food.  Perhaps sweet and sour pork or souvlaki tastes better than meat and three vege or than pumpkin scones.

Every time Third World low-lifes have tried to invade us and set up their own ethnic ghettos, Australians have made it quite clear that we will have none of it.  Lakemba has become Sydney’s shame.  Australia is one nation, not pockets of Joss houses and bath mat kissers.  Anyone trying to change this place is not welcome.  When in Australia speak English, wear thongs and play cricket.

When naive politicians stand by to invaders, ordinary Australians must take defence into our own hands.  Hence the riots – every single one of them was justified.  Had naive disrespectful politicians respected the rights of the Australia’s dominant White settler and wealth creating class, the riots with invading anti-assimilating foreigners perhaps could have been averted.  Banning nonWhite immigration into Australia would of course have been a more proactive peaceful policy.

Socialist -foreign sympathiser, Peter Fitzsimons, in his propaganda doco intentionally ignores the Australian perspective.  At no time does he consider the view of the Australian returned soldiers – our own Aussie Diggers.  His disrespect for Australian heritage is despicable.  All Fitzsimons’ witnesses and ring-in experts are ethnic and we have to wonder where he dug up his so-called ‘Riot Psychologist’, ethnic arab Alex Haslam?

The White Australia Policy presided from 1788 until Whitlam’s treachery to unravel British culture for globalist socialism, Asian immigration and multiculturalism in 1972.  Read nearly all news and literature in Australia for the first 200 years since 1788 and the overwhelming dominant culture is British.

Fitzsimons has form.  With Fitzsimons longue wagging, no Australian history or heritage is respected. His life’s work is about Australian Deculturation.

Peter Fitzsimons attacking Australian Heritage

Peter Fitzsimons has manipulated SBS foreign Leftist propaganda against Australians. He’s a shonk. 

He’s trying to unravel Australia’s Heritage like his communist comrade Gough Whitlam unravelled our White Australianess.