Pauline Hanson dumps on her members twice in WA

Femme fatale Pauline Hanson has a history of dumping on her loyal One Nation supporters, her candidates..and her many lovers.

The original and legitimate branch of One Nation (One Nation Western Australia Inc) was arbitrarily expelled by Pauline Hanson in 2013. No reason was given.  Hanson these days slanders her two once strongest supporters in WA as “a couple of ratbags”.

Ordinary Australians can only take so much crap.

One Nation Western Australia Incorporated (ONWA) is now registered with the Australian Electoral Commission as an ‘associated entity’ of Australia First Party (AFP).

As the new Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHONY) now tries to register itself as a party in Western Australia, it has hit some objections as reported today in the press, from the original team and from Australia First Party.  With the original One Nation Western Australia Incorporated continuing its brand in WA, how can Pauline Hanson’s One Nation expect to get a guernsey and not be seeking to deliberately mislead the electorate?

WA law instructs the commissioner to refuse a name if it “so nearly resembles” that of an existing party that it is likely to be confused or mistaken.

Yet, today WA electoral commissioner David Kerslake has just ruled that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation was not close enough to the name One Nation WA.   No-one in WA can possibly be confused by two One Nations Mr Kerslake?

Pauline fraudulently listed ONWA’s 500 members as if they were with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party (PHONY).  She exploits her membership base and candidates for her own political ends.

I’m out of it, I’m finished. It’s over.” – Hanson 2004


So did you get confused Mr Kerslake about which One Nation, these 500 members belong?  How many members does Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have in WA Mr Kerslake?

David Kerslake supports Pauline Hanson, could be Pauline’s future candidate


Pauline Hanson is all about being deliberately misleading.  Pauline was all in a froth about “Asians swamping Australia” not so long ago, then she came out selectively hugging ‘good asians’ to be her candidates. then she dumped on her first good asian, Shan Ju Lin.

Apparently, Liberal Party double adapter James Ashby took umbrage at Shan Ju Lin recommending he take medication for his condition.

Pauline is a Liberal Party stooge and faction schemer – a Liberal Party Extra to the agenda of the Liberal’s propaganda machine trying to scoop up disaffected Liberal supporters.  Isn’t it conspicuously coincidental that the Liberal Party sent in James (I’m not into pain) Ashby to “steer” Pauline Hanson’s campaigning and candidate selection?

Watch out Steve Dickson, Pauline’s got the hots for you, like a female spider…

No wonder One Nation at the national level expelled her from the party in 2002.

So a war of words over the true history of One Nation has developed in Western Australia – and rightly so.

Dr. Jim Saleam, President of AFP said on January 10:

“I think the main underlying issue really was that ONWA became nationalist. It evolved as a stream of opinion inside Hanson’s original mish-mash of popular conservatism with some nationalist minded opinion in the mix. Hanson is not now, or previously, a nationalist and she did what conservatives always do if they can’t co-opt others – just throw them out. Many good people in the Hanson party have over the years found their way to nationalism. It is my hope that they can place their faith in Australia First Party.”

In his official complaint, ONWA director Brian McRae says that even though the party is unregistered it remains an incorporated body as recommended by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and has been for 15 years.

“ONWA has been registered with WAEC (and) the AEC under this name and it is the object of the party to re-register once the clash of membership has been resolved, which is a direct result of membership confusion with the clash of party names,” Mr McRae said.

He provided the Electoral Commission with a statement from a Koondoola woman claiming confusion after she was approached by Pauline Hanson’s (James Ashby’s) PHONY officials in WA to rejoin One Nation WA. But she paid her membership fees to a bank account in Queensland.

The objection is backed by another submission from the NSW-based Australia First Party, which says it applied to the AEC on December 1 for ONWA Inc to become an associated political entity. Australia First says two ONWA officials — Mr McRae and former president Lyn Vickery — stood under its name in last year’s Senate election.

Mr Vickery said yesterday that ONWA had pre-selected him and Mr McRae, but Pauline Hanson would not endorse them and chose Rod Culleton. As a result, they ran for Australia First but on the original One Nation platform.


Pauline Hanson’s new party is not owned by its members but is more accurately a BUSINESS controlled by its “Leader” – Brian McRae.


Link to the original One Nation:

Beware of imitations.