Wagga Citizens and Heritage Group to represent Wagga residents

In Wagga Wagga for too long, residents have been ignored, used and abused by those in power and influence for too long to remember.

Enough is enough!  Locals are taking a stand and being pragmatic in the process.

Long term committed local and vocal resident, Lorraine Sharp, who proudly defines herself as a ‘Riverina Nationalist’ has announced the formation of the direct democratic Wagga Citizens and Heritage Group.

Wagga residents may recall Lorraine Sharp of nationalist organisation, our Australia First Party, decidedly outpolling Wagga’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor in primary votes alone in the 2016 Wagga Wagga council election.

Now the Wagga Citizen and Heritage Group has formed to democratically listen to, consult with and involve the Wagga district community to represent and project local Wagga community interests.

We are returning to Aussie democracy ladies and gentlement!

Wagga Citizen and Heritage Group shall comprise independently minded Wagga residents prepared to have a say for the rights of Wagga and Riverina residents into the Wagga Wagga City Council’s policies, planning and delivery.

This new locally democratic group commits to expose powerful and influential players and networks of privilege and corruption.  Lorraine Sharp says the group will put the activities and backroom deals of Wagga council under the microscope.

Ms Sharp says a key function will be as a community watchdog against the dodgy actions of local government, council management, councillors and of the ongoing wheeling and dealing by politicians of the major political parties with their financial vested interests.

Ms Sharp says that public meetings are on the agenda. More the better!

Locals with stories and information may contact Lorraine on riverinanationalist@gmail.com

Suspiciously the Wagga council disbanded the The Ratepayers and Citizens Association a decade ago, so that councillors could try to be unaccountable.

“They (Council staff) are drinking beer and partying in Germany while our lives are being torn apart.  “How many convention centres do we need while our homes are being broken into, our children addicted to ice and our cars destroyed,” Ms Sharp asks.  “We need to be pumping money into community development, helping people on the ground and listening to peoples’ concerns.”

Ms Sharp has initiated the Wagga Citizens and Heritage Group in response to the tokenistic creation of a so-called Wagga Wagga Ratepayers’ Community set up by The Nationals party’s ethnic Chinese Wes Fang.

Wagga locals beware of this “trojan horse” puppet of The Nationals (lapdogs to Sydney-centric Liberals)

Whose nationals, China’s?