One Pauline candidate Matthew Stephen flouts Constitution as a pending bankrupt?

Pauline Hanson knows how to pick ’em. Her Longman candidate Matthew Stephen looks set to do a Rod Culleton – breach the Australian Constitution as a bankrupt?  Surely not

Poor voters of Longman.  Labor forces them to a by-election because their incumbent politician Susan Lamb breached the Australian Constitution as a foreign citizen.  The Liberals are offering up a Papua New Guinean, and Pauline’s offering up a bankrupt?

Choice candidates or what?

Matthew Stephen’s tiling trade license has been suspended.  Reportedly in The Australian newspaper, it’s the seventh time.  Matthew Stephen’s company Aus Tile Qld Pty Ltd owes thousands.  Flooring supplier Ardex Australia, subcontractors and a former landlord Stavros Mostris claim Matthew Stephen’s company Aus Tile Qld Pty Ltd owes them thousands.  Gold Coast subcontractor Matthew Young claims that Stephen’s owes him $6500 for work done in Darwin in 2014 and that he has repeatedly called Mr Stephen about it.   Young also says his brother is owed $11,000.  Six other complainants are owed sums totalling as much as $50,000.

Darwin tiler Nick Fullerton contacted The Courier-Mail newspaper to accuse Mr Stephen of underpaying him.  It seems that the big tiling job in Darwin saw Aus Tile Qld Pty Ltd do a runner back to Bracken Ridge, south of Caboolture.  The Australian Securities and Investments Commission website confirms that Darwin based legal firm Ward Keller Pty Ltd took Aus Tile Qld Pty Ltd to the Supreme Court on November 5 2015 and wound it up for bankruptcy.

It’s all too hard for Pauline.  She’s on holidays outside Australia to fund foreign multinationals like Florida headquartered Cunard Line.

Pauline Hanson Longman election campaign European cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth


Meanwhile, da golly Greens have found Thai teacher Gavin Behrens, who assures the electoral commission he is not a dual Thai citizen.

Gav cuts weed cake with foreign-citizen Larissa Waters

Gav’s in favour of late-term abortions, sexual deviance in schools, legalising euthanasia, restarting the boats, no borders, more immigration and blackouts on still cloudy days.

Vote wisely this Saturday.