LibLabs keep dumping parliamentary privilege on Ordinary Aussies of Western Sydney

We’re waiting to see Husar’s taxpayer pearls.  Liberals and Labor are so elite alike, that they seem to take turns dumping their seat warming candidates on Ordinary Australians.  The Queensland seat of Longman (sprawl-enforced outer Brisbane) is the current example.  The outer western Sydney seat of Lindsay is a chronic example in New South Wales.

Lindsay is undemocratically becoming sprawl-enforced outer Sydney, like Caboolture.  The federal seat is centred around the residents and hard-working trade and retail businesses of Penrith, Mulgoa, Emu Plains, Jamisontown, St Marys, Luddenham and Badgerys Creek.

Australia First continues to maintain a keen interest, watching brief and ongoing electoral campaigning, listening to and defending the local interests of the folk of Lindsay.

LibLabs have promised Penrith investment for decades, yet only delivered apartment blocks and ignored inter-generational unemployment, obesity, crime, and the recent scourge of ICE trafficking and youth addiction.

Western Sydney youth battlers ignored…and neglected Penrith TAFE just a depressing shell of its former self

Liberal Self-interest Abuse of Voter Trust

Take for instance the Liberals upper-crust chick Fiona Scott who in 2010 got parachuted into Penrith because the Westfield Tower apparatchiks reckoned her sex appeal would sway naive voters while compliant and ego-desperate enough to be a quiet Liberal seat warmer in Parliament.

Scott got to know Westfield Frank Lowy in sales while spruiking his Penrith Plaza.  So Lowy, the Liberal’s key financial backer, recommended Scott to PM Tony Abbott as a suitable parachute candidate somewhere.


But once implanted in Penrith and conning power in 2013, Scott dumped on western Sydneysiders.  She backed NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird’s plot to re-impose another unfair M4 toll impost on western Sydney, so he could backhand his corporate chums at WestConnex.

The M4 had long been pre-paid by New South Wales taxpayer wealth invested by the Wran Labor government in 1976.  This prime car commuter route into Sydney was originally the F4 Western Freeway. But western Sydney commuters then copped double taxing by the Liberal Party’s introduced toll (Mark 1).

Then Scott backed a triple tax toll (Mark 2).

But overpaid Scott didn’t care, she had class-elevated herself into a taxpayer-kept MP.  Then she backstabbed PM Tony Abbott out of office. Western Sydney booted her out.  Howard’s ‘battlers’ have become a wake-up to Liberalism benefiting Liberals and their rich mates.

“Of course I pulled the ‘battler’ thing out of my hat.   More importantly this is my taxpayer good side.”

Labor Self-interest Abuse of Voter Trust

Labor’s replacement in 2016, parachuted foreigner Emma Husar had been fueled by Party promises of parliamentary glory, elitism and spoils.

Once tasting the power spoils of taxpayer riches, Husar lavished and soon too dumped on Penrith and taxpayers.

Lady Emma is convinced her taxpayer funded Comcar chauffeured service is her entitlement for politics, friends, partying, shopping and cught out cruising to her conference with her divorce lawyer.  But $10,000 Comcar expenses a year?

Lady Emma’s gone full-tiara Leb, less the Botox thus far.


The spoilt Arab princess in her has come out as a serial bitch.  As many as 20 of her former staffers have certified of bullying by her, of her verbal abuse towards them and in some cases being treated like slaves.

Such a warped consequence of multicultural policy?  Encouraging barbaric Arab culture over Australian decency?

Husar has lashed her domestic violence experience on her own government staff – office tantrums, drama-queening, desk slamming in Parliament, workplace bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation.

Lady Emma has demanded staff babysit her kids outside work hours. She’s ordered her PA to walk her dog and pick up the doggie poo or else.  One former staff member reports that Ms Husar verbally abuses staff, calling them ‘f***wits’ and ‘c***s’.

Lady Emma da Feral Queen of Sheba, class-elevating herself into another taxpayer-kept MP

LibLab Parliamentary Supremacy:


 Parliamentary staff ordered to walk your dog

Parliamentary staff hand-pick up your dog’s poo

Parliamentary staff properly dispose of your dog’s poo, no questions asked.


In Canberra, one has thus arrived!

Parliamentary Supremacists

Coalition partners Greens-Labor and Liberal-Gnats alike actively recruit foreigners, dual citizens, ethnics, dodgies.  They know such puppets are malleable to Party whim, possess no loyalty to Australia, can be readily swayed, bribed for self-interest, can be silenced in a late night phone call.  Canberra’s culture just thrives.

Meanwhile, Real Aussies see though this, won’t take it, will call it out.