NSW State Election 2015: Stop Baird’s betrayal, vote Australia First & Shooters and Fishers

There are now 7.5 million people living in New South Wales thanks to Liberal and Labor/Greens encouragement of immigration. Sydney has 4.8 million of that congested in sprawl and sapping the state broke.

Mike Baird’s only answer is to sell public assets to fund Sydney’s immigration sprawl – motorways, childcare and an immigration airport at Badgery Creek. It is for Baird’s own short-term benefit, to fund excess Sydney growth, more immigration and a bigger sprawling Sydney.  This is what he has always done as a millionaire merchant banker. In quick succession as Treasurer, Baird sold off Sydney’s water desalination plant, Port Botany, Port Kembla, and $300 million worth of government-owned real estate. Baird is not only in bed with the banks and big business, but with breeding muslims and chinese.

NSW Election 2015

Whether it’s our electricity network, our hospitals, our health services, our TAFE system, or our public transport – the fact is this Baird Liberal Government has never seen a public asset they don’t want to sell.

We are seeing the full-scale Americanisation of our public health system with plans underway for a major hospital on Sydney’s Northern beaches, to be built and operated by the private sector.

If you live outside Sydney, Labor won’t listen. The Liberals won’t listen and the Nationals don’t matter because they are Liberal lapdogs.  The Greens support more asylum seekers and perversion and welfare dependency of Australian society.

The NSW ballot paper is a bad batch as always and be prepared to be disappointed in the outcome this weekend.  It will be the same empty promises, lies with a different party puppet.  Mike Baird, we understand that Penfolds Grange 1968 was a good year. We watch the donations, favours and development tenders over the next few years.

The Australia First Party is opposed to anything that is anti-Australian, such as privatisation. We are about priorities for ordinary Australians not prioritising foreigners and multinationals ahead of ordinary Australians.

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We reject corrupt Labor and the equally corrupt Liberals.   We reject The Greens – they are noting but communists wanting to impose socialism, welfarism and asylum seekers on Australians. If The Nationals had any Aussie backbone, then we may well work with some of them. Almost all the other smaller parties and single issue parties (cyclists, motorists, animals, no land tax, no parking meters) are pretty much a waste of a vote. They all preference Labor.

And nearly all those presenting as independents are false and will guarantee preference Labor or Liberals behind the scenes – like the infamous independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, they cannot be trusted for any independence.  Independents like Jackie Kelly are just in it for their ego and extracting generous polly pensions in a few years.

Australia First Party pledges our following commitments to the ordinary Australians across the whole of New South Wales:

  1. No privatisation of any public assets particularly of electricity transmission and generation infrastructure. Government buy backs of key energy and public infrastructure to be planned.
  2. Abolition of all Coal Seam Gas (permits, mining, exploration) across on all public or private land across the entire state of New South Wales.
  3. Repeal the Mining Act 1992 and redraft a replacement act restoring private landholders’ rights to sub-surface minerals and common law rights to prevent anyone from exploration or extracting them.
  4. Abolish multiculturalism policies across all government agencies in New South Wales and replace with policies that uphold traditional Australian values
  5. Outlaw mosques and muslim halls state-wide. Islam is a cult undermining Australia’s secular society built on modern Western Christian values. Islam and Sharia Law incite violence and terror and need to be outlawed in NSW and Australia. The officially Listed Terrorist Organsations by the Australian Government are all Islamic:  http://www.nationalsecurity.gov.au/Listedterroristorganisations/Pages/default.aspx
  6. Restore TAFE pre-Liberal cuts, to support locals getting skilled jobs and so avoid unemployment.
  7. Re-invest in public hospital infrastructure across New South Wales, not allow the Americanisation of our health system.
  8. Terminate the Badgerys Creek (Bradfield) airport proposal and all associat ed development spruiked by Tony Abbott, Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten.
  9. An immediate moratorium on immigration settlement across the greater Sydney metropolitan area and mandate that infrastructure must catch up to the congestion Sydney already has endured.
  10. An immediate moratorium on foreign ownership of any real estate in New South Wales and establish a NSW Foreign Investment Review Board to properly control foreign ownership of property in New South Wales.
  11. Shut down all asylum detention centres across New South Wales and extradite the inmates to Canberra for the Federal Government to deal with and pay for.
  12. Crack down on drug crime and enact legislation that removes citizenship and residency rights of those foreign-born who have committed serious crimes in New South Wales. Establish extradition arrangements with key countries and deport foreigners from our gaols.
  13. Redistribute infrastructure funding from Sydney to New South Regions outside Sydney for the foreseeable future.
  14. Address unemployment particularly – youth unemployment and rural and regional unemployment.
  15. Enact Citizens Initiated Referenda legislation to put real democratic power back in the hands of the people and out of the LibLab oligarchy.
  16. Reduce pensions and superannuation of NSW public servants and NSW politicians to equate to that of the average salaried worker in NSW.
  17. Criminalize politicians receiving corporate and organisational (union) donations, as well as criminalize politicians engaging in corrupt conduct (retrospectively).
  18. Responsible ownership of firearms as a constitutional right subject only to regulation and the citizen retaining the right home defence.


Australia First for Australians

In the 2015 NSW State Election, our Australia First Party presents three genuine local Australians for the NSW lower house seats of Penrith, Wyong and Hawkesbury.

Victor Waterson for Penrith

Alex Norwick for Wyong

Tania Rollinson for Hawkesbury

We don’t have Labor’s leftist media campaign resources funded by the ABC, nor the Liberals’ media campaign resources funded by Murdock’s News Limited.  Our candidates talk with locals. Our volunteers do letterbox drops.  We graciously accept donations from ordinary Australians.

In the New South Wales Senate this time, we unfortunately have no candidate, however, we recommend supporting the Shooters and Fishers Party because they stand for no privatisation of public assets.

So in the New South Wales Upper House (Legislative Council)   Vote 1: Shooters and Fishers Party.

Shooters and Fishers Party 2015

We do not support any preference deals.  We recommend voters do not allocate any preferences to any other party.  Australia First Party does not do preference deals.