Let the moderate muslims in and they vote themselves into power

So the Liberals retained power over New South Wales yesterday.

In five years time, when electricity and gas prices are harming NSW households, when the chinese own NSW public infrastructure, when migrant congestion is clogging Sydney beyond breaking point.  So desperate will be NSW voters to remove the Baird Libs from power that by 2019 Labor’s Luke Foley will likely cruise into power – only to overspend the treasury into a massive debt and so repeat the LibLab cycle.

We will have told you so!

Liberal and Labor alike will do whatever it takes to cling to power or get into power.

The Liberals may have retained power over New South Wales, but Labor let muslim jihadis take power of Lakemba, literally it seems…

Jihad Dib with friendsLabor’s moderate muslim candidate, Jihad Dib (left) with ‘associates’

In the New South Wales state election yesterday, Fairfax Media has declared Labor’s moderate muslim candidate, Jihad Dib, has won the south-west Sydney ethnic dominated muslim seat of Lakemba.

Labor's Jihad Dib for LakembaYes, ‘Jihad’ is his real name, and his political fatwa is to make a difference. Mmmm.

Jihad by name and may be by nature. He looks moderate but he should searched on entry to parliament


In the Islamic Koran (apparently) the ancient desert prophet Muhammad states that the highest kind of ‘Jihad‘, is “The person who is killed whilst spilling the last of his blood.“(Ahmed 4/144).

Nice moderate person to represent Lakemba then.  Friday nights along Haldon Street could get excitable – sharia law, public stonings, floggings and beheadings next, Mr Dib?

The Australian Labor Party’s loyalty to foreigners is a betrayal of what Labor used to stand for – Australian worker rights.

Since Whitlam, Labor has invited, embraced multiculturalism and sponsored hundreds of thousands of incompatible foreign cultures into Australia to set up their own cultural ethnic ghettos in our capital cities and to steal local jobs – mainly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  Australia now has over half a million arab muslims and most live in south west Sydney and northern Melbourne.

It was only a matter of time then when imported muslims would want to impose their Islamic culture on Australia.  Labor and Liberal government have approved mosques and halls exclusively for muslims, rejecting local Australian criticism and protest as “racist”.

On Monday July 1, 2013, Labor’s Ed Husic, a muslim and the PM Kevin Rudd’s new parliamentary secretary, became the first politician in Australia’s history to swear an oath of allegiance to Allah on the Koran while at an official swearing-in ceremony for parliamentarians at Government House, Canberra.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce, (Labor’s opposition leader Bill Shorten’s mother-in-law) said at the time, “This is a wonderful day for multiculturalism, and everything it stands for in our country.”

Muslim Ed Husic swears on the KoranMuslim MP Ed Husic, with the copy of the Koran with which he was sworn in as a parliamentary secretary in 2013.

In yesterday’s NSW Election for 2015, Labor’s muslim candidate for Lakemba, Jihad Dib, won the seat, supported by $52,000 in Islamic donations, more than double than any other candidate standing in the State Election on Saturday.  The vast majority of the donations came from muslim community members, with his family, including champion arab boxer Billy Dib, also dibbed into the campaign. He is probably related.

Belmore GP and Muslim community leader Jamal Rifi donated $2000 and Canterbury Labor councillor Karl Saleh (probably muslim) donated $1200.  The Lebanese Muslim Association and its president Samier Dandan also donated to Mr Dib’s campaign.  In an online interview, Mr Dandan endorsed Mr Dib for the seat of Lakemba saying: “He’s from the community, he understands the issues of the community” (i.e. Sharia Law for Lakemba).  “He will do a great job in representing that (muslim) community,” Mr Dandan added.

Islamic sponsored PunchbowlJihad supports ethnic soccer team the Punchbowl Martyrs whose motto is “generation of miracles

The players need to be searched for IEDs.


Muslims will never endorse a woman as a candidate.  Spot the sheilas here in Lakemba:

Muslims takeover Lakemba for Islamic ritualWhen Muslims are immigrants they stay muslim, vote for muslims and demand Sharia Law.

Give Muslims an inch…

So if you were a remnant ordinary Aussie voting in the seat of Lakemba yesterday, democracy went to the outnumbering Muslims and you basically wasted your time.  The Lakemba Hotel’s days of selling alcohol must be numbered.