Nationalist summer catchup on Australian national issues while aloof Canberra pollies rort a 10 week taxpayer holiday

Watch SkyNews Peta Credlin’s recent analysis reports concerning the Australian Nation State


Just ignore the compulsory foreign ads.

Canberra politicians are on holiday from December 7 2018 to February 12 in 2019.  The 150 MPs in the House of Representatives (so-called) and 76 time-wasting obstructionist senators get paid an average $250,000 salary each, plus their sense of party-political aristocratic entitlement – the limitless rorting expenses – . And this excludes the frequent pay rises they give themselves and the 5-star study leave travel junkets abroad.  It excluses the thousands of their minions (parliamentary secretaries and the like) in Canberra’s overpaid public service.

Back in 2004, an enquiry by the from the office of Special Minister of State Eric Abetz, revealed that annual cost of maintaining Canberra’s House of Representatives was $400 million.  Extrapolate that to include the additional 76 senators, and the lot of them cost Australian taxpayers $600 million a year.  That was over a decade ago, before all the payrises.

Don’t pay tax; it only encourages the aristocratic bastards.