Muslims reject Team Australia because they are ethnic first, not Australian

Last week, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called on Labor’s imported Islamics to speak out against extremism and to embrace “Team Australia”, and said the national flag should always be flown alongside any other flag.

Australia Day in Cronulla

PM Abbott had an Islamic community leader support his call for all Australians to be “part of Team Australia”. “One of the leading Imams said to me at the end of one meeting ‘we’re all part of Team Australia’ and ‘you’re our captain’,” he said.

Abbott said:  “We’ve got a serious problem (in urban Australia) of radicalised people going to the Middle East to fight with terrorist groups. Some of them are going to want to come back to Australia and they do pose a risk if they do because they’ve been radicalised, militarised and brutalised by the experience.”

“We do have to be vigilant against it and my position is everyone has got to be on ‘Team Australia’ — everyone has got to put this country, its interests, its values and its people first.

“You don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team and that’s the point I’ll be stressing.”

Asked today about Australians flying the flags of radical Islamic groups, Mr Abbott said: “The only flag that should be flying is the Australian national flag.  If people want to be flying other flags — a corporate flag for instance — fine, but the Australian national flag should always be part of it.”

Team Australia

Mr Abbott said it was important to “encourage the moderate mainstream to speak out”.
Mr Abbott is concerned that the 150 Australians involved in conflicts in Syria and Iraq may bring their radicalised view of Islam back to Australia.

“The last thing we should be is complacent about this,’’ Mr Abbott said.  “We’ve been successful up until now in identifying and preventing potential terrorism.  “I pray to God that we continue to be successful in this very important (area).’’

Silma Ihram from the Muslim Women’s Association said they wanted genuine conversations about sharia and the nijab for Australian women.

Sharia Law

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser, an avid multiculturalist responsible for much of the ethnic wave inflicted upon Australians, has come out labelling PM Abbott’s use of the term Team Australia as “terrible”.

“If I were still a member of the Liberal Party I would be totally distraught,” Fraser has stated.

But such indignation comes from a man, only second to previous PM Gough Whitlam, who betrayed Australians by facilitating mass immigration of contrary Australian cultures.  Malcolm Fraser will go down in history for Vietnamising urban Australia.  Rural sheep farmer, Malcolm Fraser considers himself as the champion of Vietnamising urban Australia.  None landed on Fraser’s rural paddock.

Victoria Street overrun by Vietnamese

Like Rudd, like Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser in the 1970s championed a larger Australia through immigration and the infliction of multiculturalism upon traditional Australians.
Fraser hates Britain and loves Asia so one wonders why he never got a mail-order bride from the culture of his yearnings.

Thanks to Leftist Fraser and Whitlam, Australia lost its borders to the asian, and Australia’s Department of Immigration became run by foreigners for foreigners.

Thanks to Rudd and Gillard Labor, south west Sydney has quickly descended into a muslim enclave.

South West Sydney

Team Australia has been relegated to the Australian Bush. It certainly ain’t in Lakemba.