Labor’s Plibersek, did she order Leftist pit-bull Anarchists to attack Abbott in Adelaide ?

It now has become obvious. Is Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, Labor’s mastermind behind extreme Leftist protests against the incumbent Abbott Liberal Government?

Immigrant daughter, Tanya Plibersek, stated last Friday that every Australian had a right to tell the government how they felt about a budget that “breaks promises”.

Violent Anarchists in Adelaide

“No cuts to health, no cuts to pension, no cuts to education – all those promises broken,” she told the Nine Network on Friday.  “The budget measure allowing universities to set their own fees was a “terrible thing”.  “These uni students are going to feel the brunt of it,” Ms Plibersek said. “They’re going to have to choose between buying a house and buying a degree.”

Tanya PlibersekAbuse of Immigrant Power


So was it Yugoslavian-born Tanya Plibersek who ordered Labor’s on-call and funded Anarchist rabble to attack Tony Abbott speech event at Adelaide University?

Labor regularly uses Violent Anarchists and militant unions like the CFMEU to to its Mafiosi attacking of any political enemy target it chooses. Anarchists have been confirmed to be an operationial pawn of Leftist Labor, modelled on the modus operandi of outlaw bikie gangs.

Slackbastard again!Slackbastard

So last Thursday August 21 2014, hundreds of Anarchists tore down a security fence outside an Adelaide lecture theatre where Prime Minister Tony Abbott was delivering a speech.  Dozens of police officers, including 10 mounted police, contained protesters after a security fence was broken down amid chants of  including “Tory scum” and “Get those animals off those horses”.

National Union of Students South Australia representative, Gabriel Evangelista, was he one of the key militants contacted by Plibersek?

PlibersekBitch with her immigrant-indignant attitude