Mike Baird convinced he’s Muslim Western Sydney’s Liberal Mufti

New South Wales Liberal Premier Mike Baird claims to be a Christian, yet demands strict sharia compliance as he seduces the Muslim vote of Western Sydney.

Muslim Mike BairdSmiling Mike Multiculturalism Baird  (unbearded)


Mike Baird’s muslim vote-buying re-election campaign ignores Islam Sharia law.

Mike Baird has no idea what Islam is about. He has no idea that it violates Australian values and laws:

  • the Crimes Act (Federal and State versions)
  • the Racial Discrimination Act
  • the Sexual Discrimination Act
  • the Tax Act
  • the UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • various statues on child protection ( through activities such as child brides, female genital torture and mutilation, polygamy, paedophilia  etc
  • the Marriage Act
  • various statues on animal protection (halal slaughter (and the illegal Islamic food tax (food certification)

Any sharia law activities in Australia violate countless Federal and state laws and are a gross infringement of the human rights of all law abiding Aussies (as defined by the UN).

Mike Baird just smiles.

Mike Baird Sharia Law

Muslims don’t consider themselves Australian (it’s not haram) – they are only loyal to an islamic state, the essence of sharia law. To them Australia is a staging unconverted satellite to spread Islam.

Mike Baird Sharia

Today, Mike Baird has sidelined Aboriginal Australians, Rural Australians and Traditional Australians in favour of unAustralian immigrants.  Mike Baird is so desperate for votes that he has surrendered a shrinking Liberal voter base for a swelling ethnic arab voter base.  He is selling Sydney as multicultural. He is selling Australian citizenship, cultural diversity, community unity and harmony, in what he spins as of the most “successful” multicultural states in the world – New South Wales – while turning a blind eye to Western Sydney’s muslim crime wave and gaols overflowing with ethnic men.

According to Mike Baird, Sydney is muslim-friendly and muslim ready for more.

Baird may as well be a Black Chinese ISIS Muslim


The Liberal Party like Labor will sell Australians for a vote.

Mike Baird re-election

Try it girls.  You’ll never look back !