Lone Wolf attack in Parramatta organised by Islamic rabid wolf packs in mosques and Goulburn Supermax

Islamic terror inflicted upon Australians in our own country is being casually dismissed by the Liberal’s New Left, Malcolm Turnbull, as just another “lone wolf attack“.

Islamic Loan Wolf No links to organised Islam, nuh!


Likewise, Sydney’s smiling Mike Baird publicly dismisses each Islamic jihadist incident as a one-off, radicalised “lone wolf attack” – Lindt Café terror attack, ANZAC Day jihad threat, Parramatta teen jihad attack).

Baird seems to be deliberately trying to downplay Islamic gang murders, drive-by shootings, home invasions, bikie drug crime and domestic violence across Islamic Western Sydney.  Baird sanitizes Islamic ethnic violence as if the rest of us are so tolerant as to be dumb and demented.

It is the unquestioned faith in the unworkable cult that is multiculturalism – about appeasing the 500,000 Muslim vote in Western Sydney and Northern Melbourne.

Sydney Islamic RiotIslamic-rabid-riot

…happened in Sydney, apparently over some film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ screened on the other side of the world.


Islam afflicts those non compos mentis due to inter-generational desert heat stroke.  It’s a contagious brain infection of rabid lowbrow.  Australian Quarantine needs to keep Islamic Rabies out of civilised Australia!

Islamic Rabies Miasma

Fortunately, our police know that every Islamic lone wolf has his wolf pack network.  There are more than 400 so-called ‘loan wolf’ Islamics on Sydney and Melbourne streets under surveillance.  It is costing taxpayers how many hundreds of millions?

Islamic Rabies Miasma typically shows the following symptoms and behavioural changes in your teen:

  • Hypersensitivity of all senses
  • Rage, agitation, violence, ferocity, sudden attacks, unprovoked attacks
  • Irrational fears, timidity, suspicions
  • Inappropriate responses to water – either extreme fear or great desire
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors – tail chasing, fly biting, chasing balls
  • Excessive focal licking
  • Excessive sexual drives
  • Sensitivity to close places or tight clothing/collars
  • Sensitivity and over-reaction to noise
  • Frequent or spasmodic sneezing
  • Spasms in the jaws
  • Choking, gagging, or coughing when swallowing liquids
  • Reverse sneezing, Laryngeal spasms
  • Involuntary urination
  • Constant or unwarranted erections, even in neutered males
  • Excessive licking of genitalia
  • Sensation of flea bites, violent itching with no obvious causation
  • Convulsions especially from the sight of running water or of shiny objects
  • Aimless wandering and vocalization

This month’s Parramatta teen jihadist, Farhad Jabar, got infected by Islamic rabies, got his jihad orders (a premeditated murder plot), got his black rags, was given the opportunity and ultimately the loaded revolver – all from his ISIL-linked Islamics around the corner at Parramatta Mosque.  The plot was hatched in the nearby ethnic Sydney suburb of Merrylands – a happy enclave for imported jihadists on Centrelink welfare.

Merrylands' Sesame Pizza Shop August 2011Merrylands’ Sesame Pizza Shop August 2011 – pizza was not halal!


Islamic Loan wolf Jihadi Farhad Jabar was 15, an Arab import.

His revolver buyer was/is Islamic loan wolf Ahmad Saiyer Naizmand, aged 20, an Arab import.

Jabar was commanded by Allah’s loan wolf skull-capped Wassim Fayad, in Goulburn Supermax gaol for doing serious sharia whipping on a Muslim who dared have a cold VB on a hot day in Sydney. Cristian Martinez was whipped 40 times in July 2011 with an electric cord in his Silverwater home (western Sydney of course), while three other Islamic loan wolves held him down on his bed.

Islamic Loan Wolf Wassim FayadGrad Mufti of Goulburn Supermax – with mini-mosque, WiFi mobile 4G, access to radio 2MFM, and ISIS Skype hookups


But wait.  There are more Islamic loan wolves part of Jabar’s loan wolf pack – all Arab imports.

There’s loan wolf Raban Alou (18), his 16-year-old loan wolf bro, who can’t be named for legal reasons and their bad influence older loan wolf jihadi bother, Kawa Alou (22)

There’s loan wolf Mustafa Dirani (22), loan wolf Milad Atai (19), loan wolf Omarjan Azari (23), a three teenie wolves who can’t be named.

Islamic loan wolf Ahmad Rahmany (25) and Abdullah Salihy (24) can be named and clearly their mothers had no imagination or rights in their naming.  How many Ahmads and Abdullahs must their be roaming the Middle Eastern desert bad lands?

And loan wolfie Abdullah has a bad brother Mohammed Ibrahim Salihy (20), named after the main character in the Qu’ran.

But there are no loan wolf Bill’s or Tanya’s amongst their Muslim pack.

New York City, October 2014:   Kale Thompson had converted to Islam two years prior.  Thompson’s computer showed that he had visited websites affiliated with radical groups, including al Qaeda, ISIS and al Shabaab. Thompson was “self radicalized, self-directed loan wolf.”

Loan Wolf Islamic in New YorkLoan wolfer with Islamic Rabies, attacked New York Police this time last year.  We all forget very quickly.


Labor’s Billy Shorten can hide but he can’t deny that his Labor Party let the Islamic scum in under Rudd-Gillard-Rudd humanitarian dogma.

And yes, Labor’s leggy feminazi, Tanya Plibersek was there keen to sign the humanitarian legislation.  50,000 boat illegals from where?

Tanya Plibersek supports Islamic FGM for Labor's Muslim vote“Yes, Labor can work with FGM as it supports multiculturalism”

ASIO:  “If you see suspicious loan wolves, report them.”

Report suspicious loan wolf Islamics They’re getting younger