Liberal, Labor both selling out Australian property rights to multinational gas companies

Ordinary Australian voters who continue to vote back into government Liberals or Labor have resolved to become but daft fucknuckles.

LibLab FucknucklesLaberal Evangelism

Both Liberal and Labor political parties at both state and national level continue to preference their own and their financially donating multinational supporters over the needs of broke ordinary Australians.

As if this reason wasn’t enough for aware Australians to vote otherwise?   That is why LibLabs spend hundreds of millions on corporate media to deliver voter propaganda to effectively perpetuate the LibLab cycle.

Both Liberals and Labor (LibLabs) have sold off Australian public resources like energy and electricity generation that they had no public mandate to sell.  No referendum has ever been put to the Australian people to decide if we wish to sell Australian public national resources off to multinational corporations, many foreign owned.

Proud Liberal Part VoterLiberal tonsil exchange all about reinforcing self interest
only a factional variance to the Rudd Ego

Rudd Prices

LibLabs over recent decades have undemocratically usurped power over Australian national resources by selling them upon being voted to govern.  They have abused the privilege of governing by selling the farm to fund electporal promises and to gain populism for re-election.

Take Natural Gas.  We all signed up for cheap natural gas years ago because it was readily available.

Natural Gas

But now gas prices are set to soar like electricity.  This will force thousands of ordinary Australian households into living stress and to the brink.  Government and the nightly news does not report family breakdowns and suicide statistics.

Gas Price Rises

So now Australians no longer own Australia’s own national vast natural gas reserves because successive Liberal and Labor governments have slyly sold off rights to exploration, extraction and export to their multinational donors.

This is why multinationals are laughing like Santos, Rio Tinto, Chevron,  AGL, Arrow Energy, BHP Billiton, ExxonMobile, Tokyo Gas and hundred of others cashing in on the toxic fracking Coal Seam Gas boom.

Forty year LibLab records of Whitlam, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd and Gillard show sell outs of Australians’ right to cheap domestic natural gas for heating, cooking, fuel, and local industry.  LibLabs only benefit their big corporate donating mates – multinationals making a premium profit to their export customers at the expense of struggling ordinary Australians.

Australian households, you have been screwed!

The Australian Industry Group is warning that exporting large quantities of natural gas to Asia is now likely to endanger Australia’s energy security.   Domestic gas prices are set to triple in the next ten years artifically because the LibLabs have allowed the domestic prices to be illogically driven by export demand.

Across Queensland, the over-spending former Bligh Labor Government paid lip service to the notion of domestic gas reserves. It signed export deals with multinationals for desperate cash royalties and so denying ordinary Queensland land holders future access to affordable gas reserves situated in their own state.

The Liberals Campbell Newman is no different – selling off Queensland gas fields in the Bowen, Surat and Galilee Basins to multinationals solely for their foreign export profits, notably to China.  Under the Neo-Liberals Queensland farmers have been denied property rights to their own farmland.

Liberal Party

End the theft of Australia’s National Resources!

Australia First for Australians

Australia First Party will end multinational contracts to Australian national resources and make them all Australian national government owned and controlled for perpetuity.

This will ensure that ordinary Australian households, Australian local businesses and our industry will be reserved access to affordable natural gas energy thus re-establishing Australia’s energy self-sufficiency.

Australians own Australian Resources

No ifs, No buts!