Grab a foreign Chiko under a Pauline Hanson comeback

One Nation’s propaganda about offering Australians an alternative can be nothing but a Liberal proxy distraction.  Liberal reinstated puppet implant Pauline Hanson, fraud forgiven, is a self-serving ploy to garner more polly pensioning for life.  Independents Oakeshott, Windsor and the Labor lot have got away with it, so why can’t I?

Pauline Hanson Fish and Chips

Hanson on her website welcomes immigration, recommending 20% be skilled migrants instead of Australia training up our own.  Hanson: “Skilled migration will consist of 20% of the programme.”

Hanson supports boat illegals being women and children.  Hanson: “Family reunion has been an important part of Australia’s history and will continue.

Foreigns in Australian Gaols:  Hanson has plagiarised Australian First policy.  Hanson: “Deportation of non-citizens for criminal offences that result in a gaol term.”

Australia First back in July 2012: ‘Convict ‘em, auto-deport ‘em to serve time back in the hole country from whence they came!

Hanson supports her namesake cousin Sarah Hanson-Young’s boat illegals welcome mat out of the overpopulated Muslim Turd World.   Hanson: “Genuine refugee numbers will be maintained at the current level.”

Ipswich Fish n Chippa Pauline Hanson come politician has done another come back to target disillusioned voters, to lure them again, ignore them again and again cast One Nation lemmings down the One Nation sink hole to be but Liberal Coalition preferences.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

But another red head who can’t resist the media spotlight.  Hanson’s headline cunningly lures to voters offer hollow notions of “alternative”, yet Hanson is nothing but a Liberal Coalition stooge implanted out of retirement deliberately to channel Australians disillusioned by Liberals to preference Abbott’ Liberals anyway.

And Abbott’s Liberals are all for delivering to their donated multinational corporates, for a bigger Australia fueled by maximising immigration, maximising foreign investment, and encouraging more free trade deals to kill off Australian small business, Australian farming and Australian manufacturing.  Under Pauline and Abbott, public sector cuts, privatisation and austerity are to be par for the course.

Save the Chiko Roll!

Fish n Chippa Pauline can’t even save our Aussie Chiko Roll roadside staple.  She must have once proudly cooked ’em and served ’em up at Ipswich Fish n Chips.

Shock horror, our humble Chiko Roll lately seems set to become foreign owned because manufacturer, Simplot Australia, can’t compete with cheap dumped foreign imports.

Pauline Hanson
Does Pauline’s have a Save Our Chiko Policy?

Simplot Australia proudly produces leading Aussie brands like Birdseye, Edgell and the famous fish and chip shop staple, the Chiko Roll.   Yet ignorant Liberal and Labor ‘Free Trade‘ evangelism for cheap foreign dumping threatens 325 Australian employees being sacked in regional NSW’s Bathurst and in Tasmania’s Devonport.

Simplot chief Terry O’Brien says low-cost imports are to blame, with a strong Aussie dollar not helping either.  “The frozen and canned vegetable categories have been chronic underperformers for years, regardless of the value of the Australian dollar.”

O’Brien says the high cost of production in Australia means they can simply no longer compete with imported products.

Grab a Chiko RollTrust grabbing your Chiko from Pauline?