Anti Australians Named and Shamed

Blue Mountains ‘Refugee’ Advocates must become targets of People’s Power!

Like much of Australia, the Blue Mountains has its pockets of poverty – unemployed people, pensioners and struggling families come to view.

Yet it seems that according to a growing band of Australia-haters, so-called ‘refugees’ mean far more on the scale of moral need.  Australia First Party considers such people are mentally challenged.  We reason that this pathological Australia-hatred is the very psychological basis of the refugee advocacy movement. And it has its Blue Mountains supporters. This movement puts the interests of parasitic aliens upon a (pseudo) moral pedestal and it considers aliens have rights over and above the Australian People.

Aliens Within

A ‘refugee week’ passed by in June, organized in the Mountains by the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Movement (BMRSG) with the assistance of the City Council. It brought together the various businesses, institutions and activists and financiers who make up the movement.

Who are these charitable souls?

They all came out in Refugee Week:

Hubbard Locksmiths ; Springwood Uniting Church ; Blaxland Uniting Church;  Theo Poulos Real Estate ; Arthur Lathouris Garden Design ; the Wellspring Community ; the Gathering Faith Community ; the Turning Page Bookshop (Springwood) ; the Blue Mountains TAFE Teachers Association ; Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre; Blue Mountains City Council.

 Blue Mountains is a Refuge Welcome Zone

We will accept any community source regarding any matter concerning these businesses, organisations, institutions and persons. This is no longer a fun game. Those who injure their fellow Australians must expect the most trenchant public criticism and exposure.

We necessarily also observe that Danielle Wheeler, candidate of the Greens for ‘Macquarie’, is a key supporter of this refugee advocacy network. She is merely following the Greens’ programme which places refugee admissions and their support high on its social-engineering agenda.

Danielle is a typical Greens’ hypocrite. She lives but a few minutes drive from real Australian poverty and wont in the caravan parks of Wilberforce and Richmond.  Yet, she does not campaign there for the rights of Australians to welfare and housing. Rather she campaigns for the rights of aliens.

The Blue Mountains Refugee Support Movement (BMRSG) came into being in 2012.

It published a programme.  BMRSG demands:

  • The Australian Government honours (sic) the UN Convention on Refugees signed by Australia in 1954.
  • Abolition of visas without rights to work, Medicare and Centrelink support.
  • End of incarceration of asylum seekers for long periods or in remote camps.
  • Abolition of excision of territories such as Christmas Island.

The BMRSG understands that when someone claims to be a ‘refugee’ and demands and receives ‘asylum’, he automatically acquires certain ‘rights’. These ‘rights’ (sic) are exercised with access to Australian services and care, whilst their supposed ‘claims’ to ‘asylum’ are assessed. Almost all claims are approved. They then move on to homes, jobs, money and health care and this is considered a ‘right’ derived of Australia signing a 1954 Convention of the United Nations.

Notably, the Australian People lose a right (sic) as these aliens gain one.

They are privileged.  We are not.

The refugee parasites live better than the real refugees in our country, those who cluster in our parks, under our bridges and in shop doorways – the internal refugees called the homeless. They are refugees from globalist capitalism, the people crushed by decades of economic rationalism, ‘reform’, ‘restructuring’ and all the other false pathways of our economic system.

Australians in Poverty

The refugee parasites live better than many of Australia’s pensioners and poor. The Australians have only such rights and benefits as the welfare system, can afford them.

Happy Muslims

The BMRSG type obviously cares little for Australians. Aussies are down the moral pecking order. It would prefer that someone else better himself over those who were born to the right.

These anti Australian hatemongers are focused and organized. The Blaxland Uniting Church is one of the hotbeds of this ‘activism’. This church operates the Gateway Family Services, which has carried on the multiculturalist propaganda that now sustains the latest exercise in anti Australian hatred.

Their website explains their logic at:

The chairwoman of the political abortion called Blue Mountains Refugee Support Movement is Marie Standen and its secretary, George Winston. Both have long commitments to this pathology.

We note that the BMRSG also organizes a service to employ so-called ‘refugees’. Does it help Australian unemployed into jobs?   Hardly.

Last year, it supported the actions of a Meg Benson of Leura who took advantage of a Federal government scheme to have so-called refugees housed in her home. Did this lady take in a homeless person? Did she take in an Aborigine?

Did these churches organize drives to raise funds for Australian homeless? Did they organize to support Australian poor?

Blue Mountains Homeless Man Trevor Clark

We cannot mince words if a group of Australians appears willing to give away the resources of the Australian people – to aliens. Do they get free entry to heaven if they do this? Do they become are ‘better’ than their narrow-minded Australian fellows? Do they have some personal quirk that allows them to feel pleased and warm? Do they have some bizarre political agenda to perpetrate a historical get-square with a country they see as bigoted and narrow and isolationist?

Australia First Party does not believe in allowing any expression of anti Australianism to go unchallenged.

Quite the contrary. We call for a people’s protest to roll on against those who would sell our birthright.

Australia First Party urges that all Blue Mountains residents:

  1. Boycott all the businesses that support the refugee intrusion.
  2. Decline to attend any refugee-supporting church
  3. Shun any person who puts the parasites ahead of Australians.
  4. Encourage people NOT to donate to any cause that supports the refugee intrusion.
  5. Arm Australia First Party with information to visit upon the refugee advocates the same calumny they visit upon the homeless and the poor by their skewed false moralism.

Australia First Party calls upon all patriotic people to vote for its candidate for Macquarie, Tony Pettitt – and to build the party as the property of the Australian People in the fight to reclaim Australia.

Australia First for Australians