Leonie Lowe’s Keo Films Australia unethical slur against Australia’s poor

Australian Mayor of Blacktown, Stephen Bali, proudly representing his disadvantaged outer urban area of Sydney, has boldly criticised taxpayer-funded pro-foreign broadcaster, SBS, for running its anti-Australian racist programme ‘Struggle Street’ against his constituents in Mount Druitt.

SBS CEO Michael Ebeid (a Lebanese) has arrogantly ignored local community protests not to broadcast the second and third episodes tonight.

Michael Ebeid has given Poor Aussies the bird.

SBS Foreign Homosexual

But then Ebeid is on Australian taxpayer lucrative wicket in the millions, as a 457 immigrant, this Leb owns at least three million-dollar residences across Sydney, and so thinks he can abuse whomever he likes, including Australia’s poor.

Michael Ebeid faggot shack

Mayor Stephen Bali rightly accuses SBS contracted film maker, Keo Films Australia, of acting unethically and illegally in its vile unflattering depiction of poor Australians in outer Sydney’s suburb of Mount Druitt.

Struggle Street abused Ordinary AustraliansThis poor Australian family conned and ridiculed by Leonie Lowe in ‘Struggle Street’.  Leonie Lowe is foreign yet hypocritically is paid by Australia taxpayers and lives in a million dollar pad in Sydney’s exclusive Paddington.

Mayor Stephen Bali is responding to complaints he has received from Mount Druitt residents protesting against Keo Films. Residents complain that Keo Film producers falsified scenes, provided inducements including food and drinks for the participants and that Keo Films employees or contractors helped participants obtain drugs.

“They (Keo Films) spent the whole day trying to find a few pieces of tin and got it all melted down,” Bali said on ABC’s Lateline. “I think they raised $60, turned up at the service station and the narrative over the top says: ‘Here they are, spent hours in getting the $60 and then they throw it away within a few minutes on themselves, eating lollies, junk food, etc.’ Turns out it was the camera crew that actually paid for it and they took the money home. They actually bought bread and milk and everything else for the family.”

SBS is embarrassed by the entire defamatory programme sold to them by Keo Films, such that after the broadcast of episode one, SBS has announced that episodes two and three would be shown as a two-hour special next Wednesday, to put the series quickly behind them.

“Due to the significant public interest in the series in the lead-up to its broadcast tonight and in consideration of participants who bravely tell their stories, SBS has decided to fast-track the series which will now conclude in a two-hour program next week,” the SBS network said in a statement.

Lune MediaLune Media’s Leonie Lowe abuses poor Australians for what seems another of her anti-Australian racist profit