Leftist incitement of anti-Abbott hate is becoming extremist

Leftist propaganda in urban Australia has become saturated with anti-Tony Abbott messages so hateful with such vile and extremism that we fear Prime Minister Tony Abbott may become personally threatened by the extreme Leftists.  David Irvine and Duncan Lewis take note!

Nationalists regard Abbott as just another politician, no worse that Rudd-Gillard but of the same vested interest ilk. At least he has stopped Sarah Hanson Young’s Illegals.

But those Anarchists, Extreme Leftists and foreign-aligned Greens since Labor lost power comprehensively in September 2013, are festering a campaign of personal ridicule and hate toward Tony Abbott.  It is not just against Liberal policies but simply because Tony Abbott is Tony Abbott and not perpetuating Leftist welfare fantasies.

Anti Tony Abbott MediaAnd the Leftist collective expressed their indignation about Ditching the Gillard Witch?   Rules for witches?


Moreso, since the start of 2014 and in the lead up to the Liberal Federal Budget in May 2014, online media incitement of Leftist hate against Tony Abbott has approaching cult frenzy.

After the landslide win to the Liberal-National Coalition, Leftists in denial embarked on their own regrouping pep talk fests and anti-Abbott plotting weekends.

Labor had is caucus elections in mid-October 2013 followed by unpublicised Sussex Street faceless types orchestrating their own internal weekends behind closed doors, but probably not in Terrigal.   The Australian Greens staged their national conference in inner Sydney November 1-4, 2013.  The Socialist Alliance staged their 9th National Conference in working class Geelong from January 18-20, 2013.  Anarchist groups met up in early 2014 respectively in inner Melbourne and inner Sydney.  Regional Australia was ignored.

Out of the gatherings of the Leftist disaffected, has arisen hate inciting sites against Abbott.

This is just a sample so far:


Consider the Leftist co-ordinated March in March:

March in March Rally led by Anarchists

Consider the March in May:

Touch One Touch AllNo guessing who was behind that one, and who has the money to feed the feral unemployed Anarchists:



Consider the Anarchist student protest in ABC’s national QandA television programme May 5, 2014, which forced host Tony Jones to abandon the programme:

ABC QandA student protestThe students had been screened and invited by the ABC management to be part of the audience, obviously for having suitable Leftist political allegiances for the show.  Indeed, ABC’s director of television Richard Finlayson excused the student protest as acceptable democracy and likened their behaviour “not unlike a manner of protest that could hit Parliament House.

Richard Finlayson ABCABC’s senior executive Richard Finlayson, propagating Leftist agendas on national TV


Consider the violent Anarchist student violent protest against Liberal Foreign Minister Julie Bishop yesterday, Friday May 16, 2014, in which she was “manhandled”:

Julie Bishop mobbed at University of SydneyThose Anarchist faces seem familiar..


Who’s leading the Leftist violence out leading the March for May protest?

Adam BandtTanya Plibersek Leg DistractionThroughout Joe Hockey’s Budget Speech, Tanya Emily Plibersek sat right opposite him like this.
Joe didn’t flinch