Abbott Liberals will give you more refugees than ever before

Australia First Party says “Reject refugees – resettle them back home.”

The Liberals promised they would stop the boats.  Australia First said – yes, you will, by flying the planes.

It was the Liberal Party Big Lie.  Refugee numbers are now set to explode.  Turning ‘illegals’ into ‘legals’ by offshore processing is no option for Australia.

Illegals arrive by plane

There are enough illegal immigrants living in Australia to fill a large regional city, and nearly all of these 58,400 people arrive by plane.   There are 13 times more illegal immigrants than there are asylum seekers in detention who have arrived by boat.

  1. Refugees will be pushing pensioners and homeless people to the bottom of the housing queues.
  2. Refugees will get welfare benefits and total access to hospitals and education and courts.
  3. In the north of the country, many refugees will become part of the vast army of labour that will pillage Australian resources for the mining companies and for China.
  4. In the big cities, refugee ghettos will form where a dangerous underclass can organise to launch crime waves of an unprecedented scale of violence.

There is only one answer – take none.

Send all who seek entry back home and send home all those who have arrived.

Only the Australia First Party would repudiate the UN Convention on Refugees and ensure that Australia is for Australians.

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