Labor’s union movement keeps corrupting Eureka’s history and flag for its own commo ends

Got another one Mac!

Labor hack Scott McDine of the Australian Workers Union reckons he’s the right to deny Australians the freedom to use the Eureka Flag. Sounds like the same crass behaviour by his thug mate Tony Sheldon trying to deny truck owner drivers the right to earn a living outside the TWU.

Here he is, all suited up ready for the next Labor safe seat round of branch stacking. But Scottie, your AWU already has its own logo – it’s that yellow boxcutter thing below with some Greens southern cross.

AWU Scott McDine for next Labor Safe Seat

If it wants, the AWU can equally apply to the Australian Electoral Commission to be a political party and to proudly promote the Eureka Flag.  We’re not stopping you Mac!

It would seem odd though because the Labor Party already has its own logo registered.

Labor Party logo

Australia’s Eureka Flag does not belong to any elitist group, Labor’s commo unions or otherwise.

Aussies anywhere are free to fly it anywhere we bloody choose and we do –  out the front of our houses, on the back of trucks, cars, bikes and utes, outside town halls, on the battlefield, draped over our shoulders, even as body art. It’s all good.

Eureka Spirit

The Eureka Flag is traditionally brought out by Aussies in times needed to galvanise unified public protest against dictator governments, bureaucrats, big businesses and these days corrupt union officials, when we know they are bloody wrong and to show them bastards they need to listen to the rights of Ordinary Australians, or else cop serious flack.

Here we see just this week, Aussie truck owner-drivers in North Queensland behind the Eureka Flag protesting against Labor’s unfair imposition of ‘safe rates’ so-called and the authoritarian Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal and the Transport Workers Union that installed it in 2012.  Bugger off TWU!

North Queensland truck drivers protesting the Road Safety Remuneration OrderThe Eureka Flag has always been our national symbol of defiance used by Ordinary Australians against tyranny

A few Akubras go down pretty well too!


No-one said anyone owns the Eureka Flag.  It’s bloody Australian, hard-fought and hard-won.  Any Australian has a right to fly it.

Australia First Party, as the only true blue nationalist party in Australia, reckons we should have an opportunity to promote it.  We’re not stopping anyone else using it.  In fact any other registered party can if they want.  More the better.  How about all Aussie parties use it and our Eureka Flag gets a real resurgence!

Eureka Flag logo of Australia First PartyMore the merrier!


But AWU national secretary Scott McDine has reportedly complained to the Australian Electoral Commission that no-one but the so-called ‘union movement’ has a right to use the Eureka Flag on the ballot paper, even though no unions are registered on the ballot paper.   In a letter to the Australian Electoral Commission, Scottie claims the flag should not be free to be registered as a political logo.

What crap!  Our application to use the flag does not breach any AEC rules.  Believe it or not Scottie, our Eureka Flag is NOT “obscene” and it does NOT resemble the logo of any other person or party.”

Childish Scottie says we aren’t going to use it and so no-one else can neither.  He’s taking his bat and ball and going home.  And he’s gone crying to Mummy Fairfax, getting the Leftist media to propagate his political agenda against Australian Nationalist party, Australia First, branding us “far right”.  We are not far right, we are Australian Nationalists in every meaning.

We live in a democracy and any Australian is free to use our nationalist flag.

We won’t be impressed if we see Chinese draping it – about as unimpressed as seeing a Jap sub come through Sydney heads flying the red and white Rising Sun war flag.

Australian Sovereignty

 The AWU Does Not Stand for Australian Working Class Values

AWU national secretary Scott McDine claims our Eureka Flag is central to “working class values”.  Actually the Eureka Flag is not.  It was always about independent miner’s rights and evolved into being about Australian independence, identity and freedom.

The Eureka Flag is not a union symbol. It was and remains a powerful symbol of unity, for people fighting against oppression and fighting for fairness.

Australian NationalismAustralia First Party Conference   


What a pity that the Australian Workers Union isn’t about Australian “working class values” and not its own ends!

AWU national secretary Scott McDine claims our Eureka Flag should not be allowed to be “hijacked” to push the nationalism and anti-multiculturalism of Australia First.  Fact is, union officials have hijacked the flag for their own commie ends for decades.

The AWU is just part of the Labor Party’s union faction.  It provides a staging post for self-interested union hacks like Paul Howes, Cesar Melhem and Bill Shorten to be parachuted into the next Labor safe seat.  Every Labor minister and senator in Parliament had to be a union member to get a leg in. Scott McDine is next in line.  The process is undemocractic, unAustralian and contrary top the Eureka Spirit.

The AWU has been found to be corrupt by the 2015 Heydon Royal Commission into Trade Union Corruption. The Commission found that the AWU failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars reaped from employers in apparent breaches of notoriously weak political donations laws.

Ahead of the 2007 federal election Mr Shorten, while still at the union, received a large in-kind donation from labour hire firm Unibilt to hire his campaign director Lance Wilson.  Melbourne-based construction firm Winslow paid nearly $400,000 over a five-year period to the AWU to cover its employees’ union dues. The revelation triggered allegations the company payments were used to boost membership and, therefore, clout in the ALP.  The AWU has never disclosed payments from Winslow to the Australian Electoral Commssion.  Nor did the union disclose tens of thousands of dollars from engineering firm AJ Lucas in 2008/09, builder BMD in 2009-10, and Geotechnical Engineering in 2012-13.

Then there’s Bill Shorten’s dodgy links to $25,000 annual payments for “membership fees” by cleaning firm Cleanevent so it could underpay its AWU workers.

The lack of reporting and accountability of union income adds to mounting concern about the use of union money and resources, and unregulated slush funds, for electioneering and Labor factional fights within the union movement.

Previous state secretary of the AWU, Cesar Melhem, siphoned off Industry 2020 funds to raise more than $500,000 from major employers, unions, employers including Grocon, Visy and John Holland, and law firms – to fund factional battles within the ALP by supporting candidates in other union elections, and providing cash  to notorious Labor branch stackers.

Last August, the Australian Education Union and the Shop Distributive and Allied Employee­s Association were caught out employing nine foreigners in-house on 457 visas instead of Australians to do jobs like a copywriter, an organisation and methods analyst, a database administrator, and a training and development professional’.   And Aussies couldn’t be found to do these tasks?

Scottie cites the Builders Labourers Federation, one of the forerunners of the CFMEU, adopting the Eureka flag and it is permanently flown over Trades Hall in Melbourne.

So what?

Any Australian is free to fly the Eureka Flag, but fairly, it should be for a good Aussie purpose or cause, not go against the Spirit of Eureka.

Symbolic Meaning of the Eureka Flag

The Eureka Flag was first used as the war flag of the Eureka Rebellion (3 December 1854) at Ballaarat in Victoria, Australia. Hundreds of gold mining diggers swore allegiance to the flag as a symbol of defiance at its first flying at Bakery Hill on 29 November 1854. In armed confrontation between attacking British troop and defiant miners, over 30 miners were killed at the Eureka Stockade, along with six troopers and police. Some 125 miners were arrested and many others badly wounded.

Bakery Hill Plaque

The Eureka Flag is a sacred patriotic flag instantly recognised by all Australians simultaneously as:

  • A symbol of grassroots unity and anti-establishment defiance against tyranny (abolishing the forced imposition of unfair gold miners’ licenses)
  • A symbol of nationalist independence from colonial rule and foreigners (then the British, Chinese and Russians)
  • A symbol of democracy and freedom – for freedom of speech, the right to vote and political equality.

The historical truth is that the Eureka Rebellion also inspired defiance by the pre-existing Europeans settlers and miners against invading hordes of primitive Chinese to the goldfields and so encouraged the initial stages of our White Australia Policy.  This endured effectively protecting Australians from Governor Charles Hotham’s levies on Chinese immigrants from 1855 to PM Harold Holt’s non-European Migration Act impost of 1966.

Eureka indeed seeded anti-multiculturalism. Scottie needs to read up on his Australian History and put down The Communist Manifesto.  How many riots against invading foreigners by Aussie Diggers do you want?

  • Sofala in 1852
  • Turon in 1853
  • Bendigo in 1853
  • Meroo in 1854
  • Rocky River in 1856
  • Buckland River in 1857
  • Tambaroora in 1858
  • Lambing Flat in 1861
  • Kiandra in 1860 & 1861
  • Nundle in 1861 & 1861
  • Tingha Tin Fields in 1870
  • Kalgoorlie in 1934


These riots erupted out of genuinely felt threats to white Australian culture.

Recurring message?


End Immigration

But the Eureka Rebellion and the Flag had nothing to do with workers rights or unionism.

No miners on the Ballaarat goldfields at the time were employee workers.  Each digger was his own, etching out his own opportunity and land holding.  The Ballaarat Reform League that organised the rebellion was basically a Digger’s Rights Society.  It had nothing to do with working for anyone, no wage rates, no employers, no employees, no unions.  The Rebellion’s appointed leader Peter Lalor was a merchant businessman.  Trade unions didn’t even exist.

Eureka Flag hijacked by Union MovementUnion Movement hijacks the Eureka Flag for official thuggery and tyranny – the very antithesis of the Spirit of Eureka

They even have foreigners holding the flags!


So the Left, commos and the union movement have no claim to any association to the 1854 Eureka Rebellion or to its flag expect in fiction and misleading propaganda spieled by manipulative union hacks over workers for decades.

The notorious militant Marxist-Leninist Builders Labourers Federation under Norm Gallagher abused the spirit of the Eureka Flag in its intimidating militant campaigns. The BLF was more about its own political power and tyranny than representing grassroots defiance or democracy.  It commo politics was more about globalism and nothing to do with nationalist independence.

Only with exception of the Greens Bans as a favour to Jack Mundey’s quest to preserve Sydney’s historic working class Rocks precinct from demolition in the 1970s, otherwise the BLF stood for union stand over tactics, bribery and corruption.  The BLF has only changed its name to the CFMEU which is just as corrupt, and which has nothing to do with the spirit of Eureka.

Scottie says “For the Australia First Party to attempt to hijack the Eureka Flag is offensive to all trade unionists past and present.”

Crap, the union movement needs to look in the mirror.

“Bring it on! We are keen that the culture war over the flag be waged,” says Jim Saleam, President of Australia First Party.

Two of the party’s eight core policies are to reduce and limit immigration and abolish multiculturalism.

Australia First said it plans to use the Eureka flag as a “sign of its commitment to Australia’s identity, independence and freedom” and pointed out that a similar flag was raised during anti-Chinese riots at Lambing Flat in NSW in 1861 and by seamen who stormed NSW Parliament in 1878 to protest against cheap imported labour on ships.



Raffaello Carboni was only a foreign spectating Scribe to the Eureka Rebellion

Scottie at the AWU claims connection by foreign Lefties and commos to the Eureka Flag and the 1854 rebellion to Italian miner Raffaello Carboni, that when the flag was unfurled in 1854, Carboni said: “I call on all miners irrespective of nationality, religion or colour to salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of the oppressed from all countries on earth.”

More Leftie bullshit!

Raffaello Carboni was a travelling Italian Nationalist revolutionary and linguist who, though joined the mining at Ballaarat, was but a spectating scribe to the 1854 Eureka Rebellion.  Carboni didn’t participate let alone lead the rebellion. He had attended miners’ meetings, in particular one at Bakery Hill in November 1853, and if he had spoken it had been ‘for the fun of the thing‘.

Carboni was appointed by the leader of the rebellion, Peter Lalor, to organize a small group of foreign miners behind the stockade because Carboni spoke many languages to petition for the discontinuance of licence hunting.

A year after the rebellion, Carboni wrote his eyewitness account of it, albeit with a touch of poetic license. It was in his head he write that “I call on all miners irrespective of nationality, religion or colour to salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of the oppressed from all countries on earth.”

Carboni’s account suited his own revolutionary persuasions as a foreigner. His so-called “eyewitness account of the Rebellion” is described in his rambling Chapter LVI, entitled ‘Remember This Sabbath Day (December Third), To Keep It Holy‘.  More on this later.

The bloke was an anarcho-scribe with more interest in revolutionary fictional ideals than documenting factual truth.  Problem was in those days he was one of the few who could write.

Two years later Carboni kept travelling through the Middle East looking for revolutionary inspiration and ended up returning to Italy.

If the union movement seeks to rely on the Eureka Flag it should read up on history and about what the rebellion’s leader Peter Lalor stood for, sacrificed and later achieved in Parliament, not on some foreign anarcho-scribe.

Peter Lalor Leader of Australia's Eureka Rebellion of 1854Peter Lalor – Identity, Independence, Freedom