Kevin Michael Rudd, Australia’s Worst Traitor in History

The Traitor’s Era (2007 – 2013)

  • Big Kev’s Selfy Era‘, interrupted by Julia’s impost of ‘feminazi-socialism‘, deceptively promised Howard-lite and fiscal conservatism, but delivered a government spending frenzy, record public debt with no gain to our national wealth.
  • Dudded Australians on his distracting 2020 Summit of false hope
  • Changed laws to encourage 52,000 boat illegals
  • Mismanaged the national economy
  • Appropriated tens of billions of taxpayer wealth, gifting it to foreign nations
  • Overspent $250 billion which plunged Australian into deficit
  • Accelerated multiculturalism
  • Accelerated chinese immigration
  • Attacked Australians by promising a “Big Australia” swarming with asians
  • Cut funding and laws in border security, allowing drugs and handgun smuggling
  • Misled Australians while in opposition campaigning he had a plan for Australia’s future
  • Wasted taxpayer billions in failed policy implementation and consultative committees
  • Wasted taxpayer billions on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme that did nothing to stem global warming, but killed Australian businesses
  • Wasted taxpayer billions on dud massively wasteful schemes – Building the Education Revolution, the Digital Education Revolution (free laptops for all school kids), the National Broadband Network,  and Resource Super Profits Tax
  • Wasted taxpayer billions on his Roof insulation scheme (pink batts) caused the deaths of four young men and more than 120 house fires.
  • Oversaw a dysfunctional government of hype and no substance, making policy on the run which became policy blunders, made promises he didn’t keep, made false and misleading statements – which altogether fell into chaos earning Rudd the name “Captain Chaos”.
  • Dudded Australians on FuelWatch and GroceryWatch
  • Dudded Australians on stopping Japanese whalers
  • Received illegal secret donation of $200,000 from chinese mate Kung Chin Yuan, a Taiwanese-born businessman, which was funnelled to Labor’s pollster, UMR Research Australia.
  • Ate his earwax in Australian Parliament

Rudd’s Boat Invasion of Australia

Kevin 07“Rudd’s Red Tie Invasion was ignoble, unarmed and orchestrated to end our Australian Way of Life”

The Gillard Scorned