Rudd’s Boat Invasion of Australia

When Foreign Labor’s Kevin Rudd came to power in 2007, he and Greens’ Senator Sarah (floodgate) Hanson-Young took it upon themselves to unravel Australia’s border protection laws and to facilitate the mass influx of boat arrivals to Australia’s north-west.

Boat Illegals Record

Since 2007 Australia has been invaded by hundreds of prepaid charter fishing boats carrying a population numbering 47,000.  Gillard has kept Rudd’s No Border policies in place.

By election day September 14, the number of boat people illegally immigrating to Australia will exceed the population of Shepparton at over 50,000.

Shepparton load of boat arrivalsShepparton, central Victoria

MCG of Boat PeopleForeign Labor’s Boat Illegals could half full Melbourne’s Cricket Ground
(capacity 100,000)

Many naively excuse the Labor Government as having surrendered control of our borders through its inept policies, but the policies are deliberate and the invasion is intentional and encouraged.   Rudd’s No Border Policy belies his ’tissue of lies’ and his Leftist extremist manifesto for a Big Australia.

Rudd’s No Border policy amounts to an Invasion Order from within.  Labor can’t be trusted.  Rudd is ranked as one of Australia’s worst traitors, and Gillard has continued his same policies.  Team Gillard and Rudd are traitors to our nation.

Since Kevin ’07, boat illegals have diverted and occupied the attention of Australia’s vital Naval fleet and personnel, Air Force transport aircraft, Customs and Border control, ASIO security services, our Federal Police, Immigration Department, Foreign Aid Budget, Medicare and Centrelink, Legal Aid as well as host of government agencies accommodating and servicing nearly 50,000 non-English speaking foreigners demanding migrant status and Australian taxpayer funded welfare.

Kevin 07

Aside from the social destabilisation and community polarisation, Australian taxpayer cost burden of these waves of illegals is estimated in the billions, perhaps a combined $10 billion so far, but Labor won’t disclose the figure.

Sixty-nine years ago yesterday, the Allies launched a massive armed invasion of Normandy to end World War II.  It was a noble quest.


Normandy Invasion June 6, 1944
Rudd’s Normandy
Rudd’s Invasion is ignoble unarmed invasion
orchestrated from within to end our Australian Way of Life.