Kaz Ross ALT-RIGHT conspiracy theory morphs into ‘entryism’ claiming ‘Hitler Youth have infiltrated Pitt Street’s Nationals’

The ABC leftist propaganda machine has drafted another unemployable to peddle its anarcho-globalist cause, Kat Ross, the fat Chinese shill of Tassie Uni online, who desperate for relevance, advances her latest conspiracy theory from Hobart: ‘Hitler Youth have infiltrated Pitt Street’s Nationals’.   We continue with AFP president’s right of reply below.  (JH)


by Dr. Jim Saleam , October 17 in 2018

(Continued from the previous article ‘Tasmanian Kaz Ross ABC/ANTIFA media attack on ALT-RIGHT presents an opportunity” re-published on this website October 20)

‘I have said that the Alt-Right and related groups and persons divide certain ways, but exist together in a mixed-pot. That is no insult, just a fact.

It must now be said that it is ‘identitarianism‘ that seems to unite many, the assertion of a ‘White’ identity seen to be under threat. Of course, some identitarians formally understand that to profess this ideology is also a method to project their libertarian or conservative lines making them more palatable, but for many others it may just lead them there (usually to conservatism) and they are not really aware of how they are being swayed.

Identitarianism is also good as glue to adhere those mucking about (‘larping’) with pseudo National Socialism or fascism. And I would say these very mistaken folk are a very particular problem too that must also be resolved (as discussed in the next section below. The latter ‘ideas’ have no application to any Australian context and some sort of abstract ‘whiteness’ serves them well as they profess to be the toughest of the tough in a splendid provocateur-like-but-provocation-ready isolation. In the case of Identitarians generally, a ‘White Identity Activism‘ means they do not need to address who they are politically.

We can properly conclude that being ‘White’ may make sense in a society unfriendly to that notion – but where does it lead politically?

For nationalists, identitarianism is just not enough. Identity must exist within a framework governed by history. As said in the previous article, Australian nationalism which expresses and explains the Australian Identity has a particular historical heritage.

To reject that heritage, or to ignore it, or to be ignorant of it, means almost for dead-sure that the Alt-Right movement will be co-opted by other forces. And isn’t that what has been happening?

(JH:  Zio-patriots, civic patriots, Liberal Party satellites – Hansonists, Katterists, Bernadists, Palmists, Nallists, Dreurists, Folksists. Sydney Trads, Squadron 88, The Lads Society, et al.)

Being ‘White’ is a slogan that can be appropriated by all sorts of people and if that is the only yardstick in assessing people’s value, bad judgment is inevitable.  How does one judge people who say it is ‘ok to be White’?  What if they held to other ideas that almost certainly invalidate that notion?  – like Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Pauline Hanson, George Christensen, and so forth.

“It’s ok to be White” Canadian activist Lauren Southern pays a visit to Darling Harbour in Sydney and observes this poster advertisement – commenting: “Just got to Sydney and already seeing the lovely impacts of multiculturalism.”


The location of a safe political space is a problem for this movement. If it is a series of fraternities and clubs, circles and websites, it may function as a subculture. That can be useful in many ways, but it has the limitation that it may approach the world as almost an alien thing. Those who seek to misuse the movement (as we have seen) can enter more easily, pay lip-service to the norms of the subculture and then co-opt it.

If the Alt-Right was to nativize itself, that means it would find its Australian heritage on its own soil and expressed in its own terms. That would mean that it would have a chance to find a true relevancy. It could no longer be co-opted by alien forces.

Of course and it goes without saying, the Alt-Right supporters wish to do the right thing by Australia. They are opposed to those cultural and political forces that open the country up to takeover. It is a matter now of looking at not just ideology, but at what politics are necessary. Politics is how ideology is applied, what groups are constructed or joined, what alliances are made, what enemies are confronted and so forth. Politics is ideology in motion.

The opportunity to engage in a politics beyond a subculture is at hand.  Here is the beginning of political opportunity for a group of largely younger Australians who are clever enough to see that if they say they are nationalists (and many do), then their adherence to the ideals of the historical nationalist movement would strengthen them for struggle.

And at that point, they would ask the crucial questions:

  • Who are our friends then?
  • What type of organisation is required?
  • Is there an existing theory of whom we are actually fighting and why?

I would prefer to reason there are those ready to take the chance – and jump. That being the case, there is a mission that remains. Should not this movement cleanse its ranks?

To say who is who and what is what and send packing any alien, corrupting, element who has attached itself and any idea that is woefully incorrect? It is the position of the nationalists that such elements and ideas have attached themselves and their purge would be a welcome thing and in our collective interest.

If I recall correctly, it was the communist theorist Lenin who said (and I paraphrase) that “once I moved beyond being a member of a circle, a discussion club, I had to make professional decisions and decide matters not on the basis of friendships and likes and dislikes and diffuse ideas, but on the basis of what served a movement and the construction of a new machine“.

(JH: On October 14 in 2018, Jew Wire regurgitated ABC’s Kaz Ross conspiracy theory of ‘Neo-Nazi Entryism‘ that NSW National Party’s youth division has been infiltrated by neo-Nazi types, aka White Australian patriots who aren’t enjoying the current Chinese invasion of Australia.

Access the ABC programme audio:  ‘Haircuts and Hate

(JH: Labor’s NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley and NSW Labor frontbencher and NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel deputy chair (Zionis)  Walt Secord are calling for a “crack down and remove these elements from the Nationals” – a bit like a night of the long knives type event down at Level 2 107 Pitt Street Sydney – inside the ANZ Bank tower.  How symbolic that the Gnats HQ resides in the epicentre of globalism in Sydney CBD on level 2 inside the ANZ Bank?  The very same serial foreclosure bank of thousands of rural properties across Australia.)


Is it time to cleanse the Alt-Right?

“The various Alt-Right groups have been targeted for entry by people seeking some sort of advantage. This factor was present from 2016 when they first emerged. Certain conservatives, libertarians and other players are still about. They may mislead or they will cause damage. I believe that fact is recognised, but the ideological dynamic of this problem is not fully appreciated. In other words, because the ideology is diffuse, people with various agendas may manipulate this milieu.

Disruption remains a real problem. For example, it is widely believed that a Facebook page calling itself ‘Lads Leaks’ which tries to smear and undermine The Lads Society, is actually a creation of a group of disruptors who wish to steal the brand. It is also said these persons played a role in leaking material to the White Rose Society which was instrumental in the ABC’s assault upon those claimed to be ‘infiltrating’ the Young Nationals to an Alt-Right agenda.

In the big picture, we note it was also the case that the civic patriot activist groups were losing some of their effectiveness during 2017 (that is their effectiveness to mis-lead patriotic people, taking them away from taking the nationalist road) when Identitarians made their pitch.

Identitarianism appears to offer solidity. It insists upon the notion that European Culture is a product of the European Race (I would say that is true) and as a result a type of ‘whiteness’ and its defence is insisted upon.  As I have said here, there is no Australian (Aipodean) context for this view and no Australian politics to which it relates. The Identitarians thus campaign in a vacuum, in an underground, a sub-culture. I say that regardless of whatever ‘truth’ they may espouse.

For the record, that situation is the same in Europe whence this movement originated. They have no real links to the actual parties of Euro-nationalism (eg. Golden Dawn, New Force, National Democratic Party and others). Their ‘identity’ activism is not part of a politics that seeks to mobilize people around a programme, that organizes in the community, which agitates around issues and which develops structure. Australia First Party, while insisting it is true to its terrain as each of them is to its own, finds itself in a type of general solidarity with these European formations, not the Identitarians.

It is the argument of the nationalists that Aussie Identitarianism has also allowed the neo-nazis a Petrie dish in which to breed.

I shall not give currency to Slackbastard’s propaganda, or that of the White Rose and others, who insist the Identitarian Lads Society has allowed in, or collaborates with, the Antipodean Resistance. However, the Lads Society has certainly allowed in leftovers from the neo-nazi provocateur gang, Squadron 88. The anti fascists have noted that, but they have certainly not repeated the nationalist challenges to the ‘character’ of this group.  This toxic grouplet makes our case that the Identitarians have not stood consistently enough against mischief-making.

We remember that Squadron 88’s eight ‘patched members’ and some friends would meet in a Sydney house owned by a member of the ziopatriot Party For Freedom (PFF). The PFF leader, Nick Folkes, would turn up for a chat, while publicly and continually denouncing this writer as a ‘Nazi’. Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford would drop in and give $100 donations and members of the conservative reactionary Sydney Trads (formerly also of Klub Nation) would appear too.

So what was the Squadron’s politics?  Obviously a swamp of ‘Right’ ideas – but no Australian nationalism. The leader of this ‘Squadron’ (whose name may be, or may not be, ‘Mark McDonald’) has never explained these anomalies, but was welcomed to be a main player in Lads and through that he was ‘launched’ into the Alt-Right scene. Some say the ex Squadronista may have leaked information to Lads Leaks to be used by White Rose as part of its own ‘takeover’ agenda. On that, I pass no comment. But the Squadronista were part of the ‘bodyguard’ for the libertarian Molyneux when he was in Sydney.

In the swamp of ideological inconsistency, anyone can be anything and ideas and people shape-shift. We say it really is time to drain the swamp.

I wrote recently somewhere online of the dilemma Lads leader, Tom Sewell, now has:

“ …. I think Tom could, indeed should, now take up the load. It is time to cleanse the Lads Society of two things: the ‘edgy’ people who play with ideas they know little about and the small clique who entered it in Sydney around Mark McDonald (Campbell). In so far as the private workings of a group are its business, there are some things that must be done in public for the benefit of those who support it. A cleansing is a moral project and by it comes renewal.”

The purge of the neo-nazis from the Alt-Right scene would be no effort at media whitewash. The media and its Antifa allies and their untruths should be no reason to run after ‘acceptability’. Mainstreaming is an enemy of any pro Australian effort. Rather, it is the direction of a movement which is the point. Just to preserve integrity, this should be done. And if the attempt to locate this movement upon an Australian historical framework, it must be done that it maintains psychic purity.

The neo-nazis are the epitome of ideological degeneracy and their ‘function’ is to destroy any young potential cadre, or activist, into whom they can sink their vampire-teeth.

The Alt-Right could use the cleansing of these neo-nazis from their periphery, or in the case of the Sydney Lads from their ranks, as an effort in renewal.

Ironically, I must now quote the mixed-up muddle of Kaz Ross (Ed: a shill of Chinese Supremacy in Australia). As weird as can be imagined, she actually wrote:

“Many Australian neo-Nazis turn to 1788 and Captain Arthur Phillips’s landing as heralding a new “race”: the White Australian. They long for a return to the White Australia policy. They reject multiculturalism as a weak and despised civic nationalism. They believe that only so-called “compatible white races and cultures” can truly integrate into a strong Australian ethno-nation.

For them, Henry Lawson said it best:

‘Clear out the Calico Jimmy, the nigger, the Chow, and his pals;
Be your foreword for years: Irrigation. Make a network of lakes and canals!
See that your daughters have children, and see that Australia is home,
And so be prepared, a strong nation, for the storm that most surely must come.’”

As I often use as a rhetorical flourish: No! No! No! No!

It isn’t the neo-nazis who think that. They do not dream Australian dreams. The nationalists alone dream for Australia. They alone stand for the Henry Lawson mythos of the Vision Splendid, the Workingman’s Paradise, the Australia “that calls in white men from all the world.”

Henry Lawson in 1893


It is the Australian ideology and Australian politics which calls the Alt-Right, not simply to cleanse their ranks, but proceed towards a ‘Great Noon’ of renewal. If some bad eggs and some foolish people become the sacrifice to that end – then let that be so!’