Jim Saleam’s Australian nationalist appeal to Rural Australians of the NSW Cootamundra electorate

Jim Saleam is our People’s Ombudsman.  Jim cannot be bought nor corrupted.

Jim Saleam’s Platform for Cootamundra NSW:

About Time Rural Australia decoupled from The Nationals Rural Abuse

  • The Nationals century of fake promising has long proven to be untrustworthy – their lackies have disgracefully long used, abused and neglected Rural Australian for a century, simply to garner rural votes to serve their Liberal Party masters of the capital cities 
  • Unravel the Nationals corruptible con-artist hold over rural Australians. They’re just in it to further their polly power and self-interest.  Rural Australians surely are fed up with Nationals taking the Bush for granted.  ‘Gnats’ have long been lapdogs to seat warm the city-centric Liberals and their city centric focus and so forever shunning The Bush.  Everyone knows that old Nats end up betraying Australians by going to work for foreign multinationals.
  • Sydney-centric Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian is only for Sydney and Sydney only.  Following the globalist ideology of her past masters Mike Baird (big banks) and Barry O’Farrell (big hope till da bribed $3K ’59 Grange).  Gladys has exposed foreign roots to Jewish Armenia and her policies are wholly unAustralian.  She’s on some mission to ruin Sydney’s heritage into emulating he vision of a global foreign megalopolis no different to many high-rise congested megalopolises. Gladys bulldozes and railroads Australians and small business with dumb development.  It’s because she is a greedy globalist Liberal beholden to billionaire property moguls.  Under Gladys rule, NSW taxes will continue to divert from The Bush to over-inflate a highrise congested Sydney sprawl.  Outside urban Sydney Gladys despises and condemns residents as but third class ‘hicks’. A vote for the Nationals is to endorse globalist Gladys, and she’s sure to sell off more public assets.

“Bush punters: meet my new Bush puppet”

  • Who’s The Nationals Steph Cooke?   – but a pretty convenient puppet for the Nationals, a same-sex replacement for Katrina Hodginson, with no leadership experience, ability nor nouse nor local conviction.  She’s just pretty little thing Steph, a qualified florist in Young.  Steph’s just replaced fake blowout Katrina who’s suddenly re-energised to con voters over in The Shoalhaven to vote for ‘Gnats’. 

“I can arrange flowers, so the Nats reckon I can arrange their punters.”


  • So what happened to Katrina Hodgkinson of 18 years seat-warming the Libs in Cootamundra?   Didn’t Katrina in July 2017 resign to invariably spend more time with her family and engaging in opportunities that may arise within the corporate sector“.  Didn’t Katrina “thank her husband Jack for his support throughout nearly two decades of public life – and her children, Georgia and Hamilton, who have only ever known her as an “MP Mum”?   So if politics became so taxing, why is Katrina starting all over?  Is it that didn’t she get the post-Gnat plumb multinational role like Nats (‘gnats’) before her, on top of their taxpayer-funded polly pensions for life?  Recall Doug Anthony, John Anderson, Warren Truss, Andrew Robb (Liberal), Mark Vaile, Tim Fischer – it’s anticipated Barnaby Joyce will be no different.  Katrina you know Chinese billionaire employers are sexist.   What did Katrina ever do for rural small businesses over here 18 year lucrative seat warming stint in the Riverina?  She never lived up to Alby Schulz’s community expectations.  Now suddenly, Katrina Hodgkinson of Yass has re-surfaced for The Nationals 200km east on the coast at Kiama.

 It didn’t take The Nationals long to start to use and abuse retirees for political propaganda. 


Rural Riverina – Vote for Jim Saleam for Cootamundra for an Ideological Revolution:  Locals First!

  • Reverse the Lib-Nats council amalgamations:  They were never intended to benefit ordinary locals.  Cootamundra and Gundagai councils to be independently restored back to the way locals want.
  • Save the Riverina from ex-bankrupt Nick Cleary’s Fast Train ‘CLARA’ dreaming:  He threatens the ruination of the Riverina by imposing global growth precincts, refugee dumps, hordes of foreign fake students, and millions of new Chinese beachheaded in new rural cities
  • Keep Riverina ‘Coal Seam Gas Free’:  Local ancestral Australians of the Riverina proudly deserve to come first – farmers, graziers, local towns people, not foreign/multinational miners.  As Australians we need to galvanise together to protect Australia’s vital arable farmland and avert the irreversible poisoning of our national Australian Artesian Basin.

Barilaro’s good ole’ boys club in the Riverina doesn’t like Jim Saleam, because Jim stands for the rural workers and working farmers and small business people, all patriotic people.

Jim says: 

“What is different about the people of Cootamundra is that they inherit the tradition of Lambing Flat where the free labour movement was born in 1861.  And Grenfell is the birthplace of Henry Lawson who told us who we were as a people!  The district is the cradle of the nation.  Voters are not helpless against the traitors.”

Vote for Jim Saleam for Cootamundra for an Ideological Revolution