Islamic Sharia Law in Australia by stealth with socialist and anarchist support

Beware that just as Muslims propagate Islam outside the Middle East, the ‘Q Society’ mentioned in this Seven Network TV news item video, is a zionist-linked organisation which propagates jewish power and diaspora influence and the zionist cult outside Israel including into Australia.

Australia First Party (AFP) rejects the Q Society, zionism and kosher practice in Australia in the same way as AFP rejects islam, sharia and halal practice in Australia.

Islam and zionism are both foreign, backward, self-centred, evangelistic and anti-Australian.  Both are a threat to our way of life, so why do Australians not outlaw them?

The only people who rule in Australia are Australians.

But if Australia is to remain true blue in its values, true blue Australians need to stand up for Australian values.

Else many more foreigners will arrive, outbreed us and in a few generations, take over.

In Sydney and Melbourne they already have.

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