Indian man chokes Aussie girl in regrettable act of cultural confusion

Indian men have a special interpretation of the word chivalry; whereas in the west, it includes a moral code which instils respect for women, in India it connotes their brutal pack-rape and murder.

Naturally, any thrust for diversity-at-all-costs would desire variety in criminals, just so the liberal finger-pointers can argue “White men rape and murder, too.”

Which is an excellent reason for bringing more of an assortment of such perpetrators of rape and murder into Australia.

Having said, the Indians, as well as just about all the other non-white races brought into this country after the betrayal of the White Australian working class, have a distinct attitude to females. They are not so culturally advanced as to acknowledge all the artificial derivatives of the two sexes now enjoying a legally protected status in the west; although something tells us any dalliance with anything implying feminine sexuality would appeal to them regardless.

Yet, their cultures are all about the men and are only now bobbing against the hull of the flagship Western Feminism. Don’t get us wrong, we have no interest in the cultural order of foreign nations, but when they’re imported here the compulsions which stem from their cultural confusion over sex accompanies them.

This is why we read about so many cases of sexually-repressed Indian taxi-drivers, and uber-drivers. These offenders can’t help but pick up drunken Aussie girls and stare fixated in the rear-vision mirror at their cleavage while they’re passed out on the backseat; sweating every kilometre until they can find a secluded spot to pull over and molest them.

It happens all the time, but somehow the sisterhood overlooks it in their paradoxical push for more diversity of the kind that spews forth from cultures more sexually hung-up than Islam and Catholicism, combined.

Less than a fortnight ago, a pack of Indian men in Delhi stormed an all-women festival at ‘Cargi College’, groping, molesting and harassing women.

Then there are the awful cases of girls as young as four being raped and murdered by horny Punjabis whose excess of sexual frustration has spilt through and corroded any moral inhibitors that they may have possessed. Right now, two males are facing execution in India for a heinous sex crime committed against a young girl on a bus; and such rare punishments are only prompted after a national outcry.

However, we reiterate, whatever happens in their country is their business. This is our country, which makes what they do here, our business. For instance, an Indian man assaulted a white Australian girl in Sydney on the 13th of February, after following her from Chester Hill station in Sydney’s greater west.

A story published this week revealed the scrawny little Indian male snuck up behind the young woman as she went to cross a road at around 6 pm, before looping his trouser belt around her neck and trying to choke her.

The girl managed to break free and confront the diminutive curry-muncher before he turned tail and fled; his motive, though baffling, clearly sexual. And that’s the thing, the size of the average Aussie girl is enough to crush any would-be Indian rapist, which is why they must be sneaky about their sexual assaults. Your typical Aussie sheila would pulverise the Indian male and sprinkle him on his own pappadams with both her arms tied behind her back.

Nonetheless, it adds to the continuing cycle of decay wrought by foreigners who are systematically replacing us in an agenda too pronounced in its impact to be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”. The most successful conspiracies usually happen right before your eyes anyway.

Remember, the statistics say that over half-a-million Indians are now living in Australia, yet any trip on public transport in any city, and your eyes will tell you there is probably double that. They sit just behind the Chinese in overseas student figures, and those on dodgy work visas. In fact, many wags refer to the combined Chinese-Indian inflation as “Chindia.”

How would you feel if you were the father, husband or brother of a young woman, knowing a predatory little brown man who doesn’t even belong here had sexually molested her? You would certainly want ten minutes alone with him.

But you might also want that time alone with Peter Dutton, because as Home Affairs Minister, if he, his government and the entire system he represents is not ultimately to blame for putting your loved one at risk, who is?