Hockey’s Liberal Budget: pay cash, use up any leave

Times are getting tough.  It is time to get serious.

The Labor Party under Rudd and Gillard wasted billions and gifted billions of our tax wealth to foreigners, and borrowed billions from banks to do so.

Once again the Liberal Party is set to cut basic public services to pay back Labor’s billions of debt with the banks.

Once again the Liberal Party is set to sell Australian public assets for cash that they have no right to sell, because it was funded by taxpayers.

Both Labor and Liberal thieves, each electoral round just keep selling off Australia’s public wealth.  They have no right, but Ordinary Australians can’t stop these bastards between elections.

But we can protest and minimise the austerity impacts on our families.

So tell them all where to get off, by opting out of the LibLab self-interest economy.

It is the LibLab self-interest economy that is the ‘black economy’, ‘underground economy’ because the ordinary taxpayers never get to see their own wealth returned to them. Hockey is trying to con us that it is “the end of the age of entitlement”.  But it is only taxpayers who are entitled to taxpayer wealth.

LibLabs can’t be trusted so minimise your tax.

Minimise Tax

Cash is King!

  • Taxpayer evasion is rife, so fair citizen justice is tax denial
  • Government does not monitor cash. It does monitor your banking
  • The Tax Office has comparable powers and intimidation of the Spanish Inquisition
  • Where possible, pay cash and ask for a discount. Avoid GST
  • For all trade and contract work get paid in cash where possible
  • As a retailer, do not install an EFTPOS terminal, recommend ‘cash only’ and good customers will accept
  • Keep no records for cash income unless you wish to argue with the Government Tax Office and lose – don’t pay through the banks by cheque, EFT/Internet (these are monitored by the Government Tax Office)
  • Don’t declare 1/5 of your annual cash income (up to 20%, the Tax Office is none the wiser, but don’t be greedy and risk ‘integrity checks’, ‘desk audits’, and ‘show causes’)
  • Lodge tax returns annually through a registered tax accountant and stay below the tax office radar
  • Matching of internal and external data, including ratio calculations, is done by the Tax Office to identify inconsistencies and risks – ask your tax accountant to explain.
  • Check annually which industries/trades  are being scrutinised by the Tax Office and be vigilant accordingly
  • Cash in your newish car, privately buy a local quality second-hand car after a mechanic’s check
  • So weekly, keep cash in your wallet and a reserve in your home safe
  • If you feel concerned, keep a legal firearm at home and practice at a local gun club – our forefathers did.

Cash is King


Use up Leave or Lose It!

  • Corporate and government employers have contracted and casualised Australian workers, treating us like dirt
  • Employee leave can expire, so use it before your employer expires it
  • Every year an employee has right to sick leave, but ‘sickness’ includes mental health issues (despite your employer’s greed and ignorance), so take it to maintain your mental health – get a doctor’s certificate in every instance
  • Since sick leave is a legal duty by an employer, an employer treats it as having no value, so your sick leave has no value to your employer.  Sick leave is only valuable to you if you take it.
  • So use up your sick leave, but not on a Monday or Friday, get a doctor’s certificate and then use the rest of the day to catch up on family quality time, home chores or mental health chill time
  • Use up all annual leave ASAP, or you may lose it if your employer does a brain snap
  • If you are privileged enough to be entitled to Long Service Leave, use it up ASAP or risk losing it, before your employer changes the rules over the weekend.

Employee Leave

We call it ‘Economic Nationalism

Australian Economics that serves us nationals,

instead of foreigners cutting up our Australia.