Greens Party chase ICE addict vote in coalition with anarchists

Greens leader Richard Di Natale is calling for deadly narcotics like ICE to be decriminalised, if not legalised.

Australia is trying to grapple with an ICE epidemic (crystal methylamphetamine) which for the past decade has been facilitated by foreign criminal bikie gangs (mainly Lebanese and Pacific Islanders) around the country.  The National Ice Taskforce is tackling addiction doubling in all Australian communities to more than 200,000 in the past eight years.

Greens want to legalise ICEPsychosis, ‘brain cooking’, mind-eating, personality-distorting, life-ending – from ‘speed’, ‘ice’, ‘crystal meth’, etc.


ICE is blamed for a surge in violent assaults, including on hospital staff and emergency service workers, and police and lawyers say the powerful and highly addictive drug is behind a rising number of crimes.  ICE is blamed for road deaths, robberies and vicious assaults against innocent bystanders.  It destroys jobs, careers, relationships and families.

Yet Natale, having suspected links to the Sicilian familia, says  “Rather than sending them through the courts, they should be sent for treatment.”

“If we could say to every ice user in the country ‘come forward, you’re not going to be charged, but you’ll get instant access to a (rehabilitation) bed’ … that’s the question we need to be asking as a society,’’ he said.

Senator Di Natale likes what they are doing in Portugal (he was there last year).  Portugal has decriminalised drug use since 2001. Dealers are prosecuted, but addicts caught with small amounts of drugs are sent to a “Dissuasion Commission” – made up of health and legal experts – who can hand out rehabilitation referrals, small fines or cautions.

Portugual has become one of southern Europe’s biggest basket case economies, and is labelled the next Greece.  All decriminalisation of drugs did was trivialise drug taking, degrade society to accepting that addiction is an acceptable part of ‘normal’ life, and reduce incarceration statistics.

Senator Di Natale said the Greens also supported calls to test ecstasy pills for toxins so users could get high, but “don’t die”.

ICE Epidemic amongst Australia's Youth

So he’s saying give up on law and order!  Why not legalise automatic firearms, sack all the police and sell all the contraband in Woollies?

Anarchy!  The anarchist would all love it  But then the Greens are in coalition with the extreme Socialist Alliance types and the dumpster anarchists.  They join in all their street marches and protests.

ANTIFA anarchists protest with The Greens

The Greens of Leftie inner urban Australia such as Sydney’s Newtown mix with the unemployed degenerates, tripping over syringes lying in the streets, cycling past wafts of weed from Internet cafés and surrounded by graffiti filth.

Anarchists into eye tattoosVote Green:  irreversible eye tattoos now legal in NSW

This is the grunge demographic the communist Greens are chasing. Wayward all night party goers who attend outdoor dance festivals like the annual Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria and Sydney’s Stereosonic Festival and deviant Mardi Gras Party to get wacked, psychotic and buggered from ‘party’ pills.

The Greens are supporting legalising so-called party pills sold illegally at such festivals from drug dealers who get their supplies from who knows where.  The Greens are trying to argue that testing these pills will somehow “keep our kids safe”.

Illicit Pills Testing LunacyGay News Network encouraging ‘pill testing’ – which one today is the PMA and which is the cyanide?

Greens leader Richard Di Natale and Greens Queensland Senator Larissa Waters will jointly tell attendees at the Australian Drug Summit tomorrow at Parliament House in Canberra that drug addicts should be able to use without fear of being charged. They also want law enforcement resources diverted to rehab services.

The summit attendees should first hop in their cars and pay a visit just 2km away at the Salvation Army’s drug treatment centre in Mildura Street, Fyshwick and witness first hand the ICE patients suffering from psychosis.

But Greens Senator Di Natale is calling for testing of party pills such as ecstasy so youngsters can pop them “safely”.

Greens Di Natale and Waters on drugsThe Greens Message:  “Life on drugs is ok”


He described the plan as “rational and sensible”, while Senator Waters said the plan would “keep our kids and our friends and everyone in the community safer”.

Nuh!  Da Greens just want da druggy vote – 200,000 at least.

The Greens decriminalisation idea has been slammed by anti-drugs campaigners, who say it sends a message that “drugs are OK”.  They may as well dig a mass grave outside each festival and hire a bobcat to shovel the dead bodies in to be really prepared for the consequences, the fools.

Sydney local councillor Hugh Burns, a Greens Independent, wants ICE to be provided to “confirmed drug addicts” by GPs because it would be safer than buying from drug dealers.  He says it is a matter of “defining the dose”.  “I think it would be safer to have a branded product with a standard dose even if it’s morally repugnant.”


Tony Wood, whose daughter Anna died after taking an ecstasy tablet in 1995, called the idea flat-out “insane”.  “How does he even get on council, for goodness sake. I’m flabbergasted,” he said.  “It’s completely ridiculous. The problem is … they’re banned because they are dangerous, they’re not dangerous because they are banned and ice is just such a dreadful, horrible drug that’s destroyed so many young lives.

“I just can’t understand how anybody could think about legalising this stuff.”

Australian Greens Party wants to legalise illicit drugs

Fellow Manly councillor and policeman Alan Le Surf blasted Cr Burns’ suggestion saying ice was just “a slow way to die”.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has previously called ice a “scourge” and said: “For those caught in it, it is creeping death. It destroys communities, it destroys nations.”

Drug Free Australia executive director Jo Baxter said decriminalising drugs, especially ice, “sends completely the wrong message”.  “It sends a message that drugs are OK,’’ she said.  “Drugs are illegal for a reason – because they’re dangerous. When you send an unsafe message like the Greens are proposing, you put young people’s lives on the line.’’

Healthy Options Australia executive director Dr Dennis Young said Australia had a big enough problem with legal “drugs” – alcohol and tobacco – without decriminalising illicit ones.

This is the best place for The Greens – The Gap, and take a few paces on the other side of the fence.

Greens jumping off platformGreens jumping off platform