Australia First Sydney: Flying Picket at Harvey Norman against ‘refugee’ employment prejudice

A small group of AF members picketed the Harvey Norman store in Sydney’s Mascot on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Victor Waterson's photo.

Australia First Party has condemned the policy of the Harvey Norman retail giant to employ so-called ‘refugees’ from the Syrian war. The bastards are nearly all Muslim and want First World welfare permanently.  Any Australian aid to displaced people from the war should be to camps in the Middle East.

Now that fighting in the war is running down and the essential victory of the Russia – Syria government alliance becoming clearer, all are free to return home.

A number of shoppers registered interest and two people said they were taking their business elsewhere!

Our Party shall continue these protest actions across the country.

Victor Waterson's photo.
Victor Waterson's photo.

Australia first party members picketing the Harvey Norman store at Mascot in Sydney on Saturday. Four people were turned away after hearing about Gerry Harvey giving an undertaking to the federal Liberal government to employ Syrians before Australians.  They probably went down the road to Bing Lee to support the Chinese instead.  They can’t go to Dick Smiths because Phil Cave and Bill Wavish at Anchorage Capital Partners stocked the joint with dud Chinese stock.

Shame Gerry Shame!