Auto-deport the ethnic thug Mahmoud Sanoussi

Anti-Australian Arabs like the Skafs should have been auto-deported upon their gang rapist convictions day one; but for Leftist immorally warped overpaid judges who have lost legitimacy to practice in Australia.

Lebanese gang rapist from 2000, Mohamed Sanoussi, is set forgaol release on parole from Sydney’s Long Bay Jail in Sydney.   The Arab import is one of 14 Lebanese Muslims led by Bilal Skaf who committed a series of gang rape attacks against Australian women and teenage girls over a four-week period.

One of the victims was raped 25 times by a total of 14 men at Bankstown, in Sydney’s west, in an ordeal that lasted six hours, during which the attackers called her an “Aussie Pig” and told her she would be raped “Leb-style”.

Two 16-year-old girls were raped repeatedly over five hours and told “you deserve it because you’re Australian”.

Mahmoud Sanoussi


  • How was chemical castration not mandatory for this Lebo scum?
  • How was auto-deportation back to the Lebanon not imposed on this Lebo criminal?
  • What justification does Australian law have to support and keep foreign criminals who cause serious violence to Australians?

Answer:  Leftist philosophy judges fucked up on smoking weed, thinking gang rapists can be reformed.

Victims of Crime Assistance League campaigner Howard Brown said the current parole system is insufficient to properly supervise Sanoussi on his release.

Sanoussi was involved in the Bankstown rapes and assaults on two women in a park who were forced to give oral sex to eight males.

The incompetent NSW State Parole Authority refused his application last year, but ordered he be prepared for weekend leave to “encourage his successful integration into the community”.

Sanoussi will appear before the parole board on July 26, when he is expected to be granted release.

Wrong.  Ethnic criminals have forefeited their right to be Australian citizens.  Mahmoud Sanoussi is a violent thug who has violated Australian women and so has no right to remain in Australia.  Deport the thug now!  No cent more of Australian taxpayer money should be wasted on this waster.  What moral justification could the Australian authorities possibly have not to force the bastard immediately out of Australia for good back to the place from which he came – Lebanon?

If you stupidly vote Liberal or Labor then as a decent Australian you resile your family to share your neighbourhood with such ethnic thugs as Mohamed Sanoussi.

The weed needs to be exterminated by any means available.