COVID-19 may have granted weary Australians respite from irresponsible immigration levels but all that’s about to change, and it’s going to get even worse!

During the China-flu pandemic, overseas students faced entry restrictions that, along with tensions between China and Australia, stemmed the tide of celestials, Africans and sub-continentals into our occupied land. But haranguing by universities and businesses addicted to the cash cow of overseas students has hastened the Morrison government’s resolve to restart the engine and bring in as many as possible.

To ensure they stay to replace us, they’re planning incentives allowing full working rights. To this end, at the propaganda pincer of Australian replacement, they’re touting the old “skilled migration” chestnut.

However, the assault by canards doesn’t end there: the Federal treasurer is citing the usual bogus excuses such as an “ageing population” for the mass importation of the ageless coloured replacements; that civic-minded migrants have a “higher participation in the workforce”; and they make mucho babies. Right here’s the most worrying desire of the government’s plan, but the most honest in regards to the ridiculed ‘replacement theory’ that they mock in plain sight — they’re arguing that new arrivals will be more likely to have children.

Of course, they will, they breed like cockroaches, and are twice as bothersome. Yes, they will have colourful little bubs, which will mean paid time off work for both the ‘breastfeeding parent’ and the ‘non-traditional breastfeeding parent’, and generous subsidies and grants. And, eventually, unemployment benefits since so many of their fellow countrymen are arriving there is a shortage of “skilled workers.”

The treasurer put it like this, “If there were no future migration … we would miss out on the demographic benefits migrants bring by increasing the proportion of people working and paying income tax and decreasing the proportion of people drawing on government services.”

In other words, all Aussies are bludgers, and the burden they alone have heaped on our poor suffering government, who implements the economic policies they’re whinging about, can only be ameliorated through the panacea of unfettered immigration.

And, we call it unfettered, because all the pish about “skilled migration” is outright fooey. In actuality, they bring in the most unskilled the steaming provinces from whence they pour can spare, which is lots.

What’s even richer about how the government wants to return to high numbers of overseas students is that (Beijing willing) that will denote those of Chinese origin; the very bastards who polluted us with their lab-engineered pandemic in the first instance.

Back in the 1770s, the Chinese enhanced our way of life with such lamentable diseases as smallpox and leprosy. It was so bad in NSW, for instance, that a special quarantine hospital had to be built at Little Bay to cope with this inimical brand of cultural enrichment. It’s 2021 and apparently, the stooges for the mercantile classes have learned nothing.

If they cut immigration they’d halve the likelihood of those nasties spreading, but that would mean impinging on a particular class of people improving their fiscal positions which would augur the end of civilisation as they know it, hence, it may never be allowed to come to pass.

There has never been a ‘moral’ reason for immigration, it has always been in the interests of the entrepreneurs, for the sake of labour, and while that hasn’t changed, the excuse has lost its brevity since we have no manufacturing to speak of, and we are now a nation of service industry recruits, health “professionals”, and IT nerds, with the last category rapidly fading for reasons of technological advancement. Oh, and farmers, although since the farms are just about all foreign-owned the disingenuousness of that economic imperative is more questionable than ever.

As Judith Sloan observed in The Australian, “This analysis is so lopsided as to be laughable. It makes no mention of the impact of immigration on per capita GDP or the fact migrants themselves age, so there is no noticeable effect on the age composition of the population — a point made by the Productivity Commission. There is also no consideration of the ethical problem of taking the “best and brightest” from countries that could use their services.”

Indeed, not, and that’s a point which seldom gets batted about as we bestow honours on accomplished immigrants. Just how sincere is a person who takes flight to another country and reserves their skills for self-interest? If they gain their skills while here, more of a reason to bugger them off ASAP so they can fix whatever is wrong with their country of origin that made them come here in the first place.

But there is no fixing that problem unless we can solve the riddle of the system which is designed in such a way as to never been changed. The answer? Create an alternative economy among your people. Do what the foreigner does anyway, and when they force everyone to abide by the same precious “rules” there’ll be nothing keeping the swine here. Then, we can push the politicians up against the wall and knee them in the nuts. Or vagina. Or whatever else they’re packing under their smalls.