The New Australian Bulletin’s Nathan Sykes and Jim Saleam had the pleasure of discussing the political situation of Golden Dawn’s leaders, principally GD’s founder Nikolas Michaloliakos and other leading members in Greece, over confected charges with GD’s representative, Ignatius Gavrillidis.

It was not a “pleasure” in the sense of the topic, but in knowing that the universal force known as Golden Dawn has in no way been extinguished by the efforts of the Zionist internationalist regime led from Washington. The spirit remains strong, and last week, GD members took to the streets of Greece once again in pursuit of a righteous cause.

Golden Dawn represented a significant threat to Greece’s political order, which, as with Australia, is not decided by Greeks but by an internationalist syndicate that is, at its core, Satanic.

In the early part of the last decade, Golden Dawn challenged this order: they did so at a time when western capital finance collapsed due to the nefarious process of financial speculation by several leading banks: a practice known as “sub-prime” lending.

This created the Global Financial Crisis which hit Greece hard. The Greek people were suffering as a result of the finance capitalists who still, to this day, call the shots for the world’s “oldest democracy.”

Golden Dawn showed their humanitarian commitment to their fellow Greeks, as well as displaying their anger at their occupied government. They would distribute food and care to Greece’s needy, a social program they continue to this day, so long after the Greek Occupied State yielded to powerful US-Israeli interests and sought to prevent GD from its logical and—some would say inevitable—progression into Greek parliament.

In 2013, two young Golden Dawn members, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis were shot dead and a third was injured when an unknown gunman opened fire on GD’s Neo Irakleio headquarters. No one has ever been arrested over that crime, and yet, GD that year was held to account for the murder of anarchist rapper Pavlov Fyssas, 34, by a man of mystery who was purported to have attended a couple of GD meetings. The details of the crime were so bizarre that it smells like a mentally ill patsy was exploited into committing the deed for political ends.

In September of that year, around a dozen members of Golden Dawn, including Michaloliakos were arrested by Greek police over ill-defined charges condemning Golden Dawn as a “criminal organisation.” The GD members spent 18 months in jail on pre-trial detention before being nominally released because the corrupt Samaras & Tsiparas governments hadn’t properly figured out to make the charges stick. Thereafter, the heroic Golden Dawn martyrs were sent to trial and jailed for extensive terms in 2021. The charge of “criminal organisation” is shabbily defined, or in this case, not defined at all. GD had no dubious financial dealings, or anything other than their nationalism with which to pursue such a scurrilous mass prosecution. ■