Foreign Monster Doctor

Imported foreign dentist Andrew Istephan based in Sydney has grinded down the teeth of 12 elderly Australians in a nursing home without their consent.

Foreign Monster Doc Istephan faces 12 counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm over major dental work he undertook in 2011 on 12 elderly patients at nursing homes in the inner west under the Commonwealth-funded Chronic Disease Dental Scheme.

Crown Prosecutor Gary Corr told a jury in the Downing Centre District Court on Monday that the 34-year-old dentist was contracted by a foreign company called Elderlink which provided dental and other services to Australia’s elderly.

“These three women will say they do not consent to having their teeth filed down for crowns.  None of them will say that they gave any consent whatsoever, and that they were not in a position to do so.”

In the case of the other nine, Mr Corr said guardians and others were not consulted about dental work being performed on their relatives.

“For the majority of the patients, the preparation for the crowns occurred on the first time they saw him,” he said.

“Within minutes of seeing them he had drilled away at the enamel of their teeth.”

Foreign Monster Doctor

In at least one case the elderly person’s doctor had said that crowns were not necessary.

Labor’s Chronic Disease Dental Scheme was set up as backdoor immigration scam for foreigner medicos, qualified or not.  Vote Labor, vote for filed teeth of your grandma by Muslim practitioners like Istephan.

Australia has Australian Medical Standards. 

Witchdoctors Not Welcome.