Dying Richard Finlayson still firing spin from his Left arm

Despite Abbott winning government, the $1 a day Australian ABC national broadcaster spits blood of Labor Leftism to the last gasp.

Leftist Labor’s appointed ABC TV managing director Richard Finlayson thrashes out this evening the extremes of Labor policy ahead of his ultimate clean beheading.  Prior to the 2103 federal election, 41% of ABC journalists have said they would vote for the Greens, followed by 32% for Labor and 15% for the Coalition.

Consider the ABC’s Adam Spencer, Barrie Cassidy, Tony Jones Leftism?  Consider the SBS “Leaky Boat” propaganda aired on the ABC in July 2011.

Boat Illegals now being supported by Finlayson’s new dedicated “Fact Checking” segment by Russell Skelton targeting the Coalition Government and so holding Abbott to account for denying Oneworldism.

Pathetic sad faced illegals filmed upon told they will be depatched to Papua.  Do an SBS close up! Poor sad faced illegals!  The ABC provides a platform for pro-illegals like Ian Rintoul, David Mann, and Ken Robinson to peddle their invasion propaganda

The ABC peddles more climate change alarmism from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Can Tim Flannery still afford to feed his family on two minute noodles?

Tis but a scratch. Come on, you pansy!  I’ll bite your legs off!

Richard Finlayson