Diversity Drowning – Australia’s latest extreme spectator sport thanks to mass multicultural immigration

Beach locals around Australia are shaking their heads at the latest imported trend emerging from groups of Third World males who rock up late in an afternoon for a dip in big surf and rips.

It seems dem darkies prefer being out of sight of surf patrols cos they’s swim-embarrassed to the point of even wait’n until the flags have been taken down.  Then, like their rock fishing hero cuz, they dive right into the surf cauldron with NFI like PC-leftard cliff-lemming fatalists.


Some liken this extreme practice up there with base jumping or like how pods of whales every year are hell-bent on beaching themselves.

“I’m beached as, bro”


Beached As‘..culturally explained to nipper-bros…

(Aussie version)

Many local surfers have had a gutful of doing da risky after hours ethnic life saving shift.   Those surf club boys pack up in the arvo and go home. Then they expect us private surfer dudes to fill in and do their shit?

Us to miss a good wave and instead paddle over to some darkie flailing in the foam?

Waves matter SLSA!

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The frequency of the occurrence recently has many local beach-goers now expecting the Third World suiciders so it has become a spectator sport.

Beach locals are now choosing to have their dinner early so they can wonder down to the local beach with a cold drink and wait for the sunset and watch the inevitable car loads of Third World ethnics chance a dodgy dip out in da rips and foam.

Place ya bets!


Victoria seems to be the hot spot for what’s been dubbed ‘Diversity Drowning‘.  Life Saving Victoria’s operations manager, Greg Scott, says: “We’ve already had nine drownings in Victorian waterways since the start of summer and that’s more than double the five-year average.”

There have been eleven drownings in Australian coastal waters since the beginning of December, most involving diversity.  Half happen in New South Wales (ethnic magnet), a quarter in Queensland and 15% in Victoria.  A third are caused by what only can be described at best as synchronized swimming in rips. Nearly all are hero ethnic males.

Victoria’s notorious strong rip beaches Cape Woolamai and Gunnamatta are the two favourites for overstaying Third World ethnics.  One Hemant Govekar (his real indian name) has become the pin-up poster boy for this new extreme spectator sport.

On Christmas Day just gone, the local surf patrol had closed Woolamai Beach due to the rough conditions. The indian waited until 5:30pm and in he went, quickly disappearing under da foam.  Hindu Hemant should have stayed home and opened his presents.

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He was non-Australian in appearance and attempts to rescue him were unsuccessful and he died at the scene. A report will be prepared for the coroner. Those that tried CPR on the corpse are now worried about body fluid exposure and Third World post-exposure prophylaxis.

The leftard media, to put us off the scent, initially reported that a man from Queensland had drowned.  Fake news!

But all we needed to do was wait a few weeks for the identity to be revealed and knowing that the government would be campaigning for ethnics to ‘swim between the flags’.  Hemant Govekar was another backdoor Third World student from Mumbai at the University of Queensland and seeking auto-residency in Australia. 

Of course he was.  Here he is getting his dodgy ‘Certificate of Friendship‘ from Queensland Uni.

The indian was no Queenslander.  Queenslanders can swim for starters.


Government are now calling for multilingual warning signs at Woolamai Beach.

More nanny state clutter!


Life Saving Victoria is calling for millions of Australian taxpayer funds to go to teaching Third World ethnics to swim. WTF?

Blair Morton, who coordinates Life Saving Victoria’s multicultural projects, said increasing diversity among lifesavers helps promote beach safety.  He’s also driving a leftard campaign to recruit lifesavers from Third World migrant communities because many who have drowned at Victoria’s beaches over the past decade were born in the Third World.

Image the cost!  English classes just for starters, then learning to swim, surf awareness, what a patrol flag looks like, beach relay, on to bronze medallion material and then how to patrol in a burqa!  Morton’s talking bloody millions.

Aussies started when they were 7 year old nippers.  Third World blow-ins are starting a generation later. Multicultiralist leftard extremism will never bloody integrate!

Another Third Worlder, Ravneet Singh Gill was with his six indians also on Christmas Day at Tweed Heads Duranbah Beach. Same sport – after hours outside the flags, find the rip and in ya go!

Local onlookers and surfers were right on to it, being Christmas Day and all.   It was a spectator sport to behold.  The silly rescuers risking their lives weren’t impressed with the onlookers though, later on Instagram dummyspit texting:

“To all those surfers yesterday at D’bah (Duranbah Beach) who watched two lifeguards, me and my family save six people and one drowned, F*** YOU. If you see someone in trouble you HELP THEM and that kite boarder who nearly ran me over twice when I had an unconscious man in my arms you can get f***ed “Some poor family has lost a life because people were standing around watching and doing f*** all, it’s f***ing bulls***!!”

Why?  Chill surfer dudes!  It’s multicultural. Place ya bets.

Nitisha Negi (real name) who came from India to Australia to play soccer in some school competition, drowned on December 10 base jumping into 30cm of low tide off Glenelg Breakwater in Adelaide.  Little more than a week later Eliase Nimbona (real name) whose family came from deepest darkest Burundi about a decade ago, diversity drowned at the same beach base jumping into 30cm of low tide off Glenelg Pier.

It was one foot that day and pumping.

Two other boys from Burundi also diversity drowned at Glenelg Pier on New Year’s Day in 2016 – a massive two-foot offshore!

Newly formed Diversity Drowning Onlookers Collective reckons there should be more diversity in this growing extreme sport, and so is inviting Melbourne’s Sudanese youth to participate in an inaugural night-time rip swimathon.

Port Campbell to Loch Ard Gorge swim first came to mind.  However, when some local suggested it would become known as the Ethnic-wreck Coast, wimp weasels instead backed the spectator carnival be staged at Woolamai Beach in the next storm.  They’re dubbing it the ‘Harold Holt Black Water Classic‘. Free alcohol to be supplied to all competitors beforehand.

Gamble Responsibly