Ding-Dong! Leftie Fairfax is Dead

Fairfax fake news has finally met its natural demise.  On July 26 2018, the Fairfax board sold out to Nine Entertainment for $2.1 billion. No more dead cat bounces about restructures, consolidations and excuses.  After 177 years the Leftie propaganda machine is goneski!

Lefties at Fairfax Media were always about entertainment, amongst themselves, because actual sales had plummeted. Death was inevitable.

So it is a logical demise that Nine Entertainment has swallowed the minnow.  It’s not a $4.2 billion merger; rather it’s a $2.1 billion cash and stock takeover of Fairfax ($2.1B) by Nine Entertainment Co ($2.1 B).  Nine chief Hugh Marks will quickly cherry pick out the only half viable entities like Domain, Stan, Macquarie Media, and perhaps the specialist Financial Review.  But the leftie mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age will be pulped like The Bulletin was after Kerry Packer tabloided it.  The 160 regional newspapers on all the LibLab council payrolls will have to show cause.  It will be akin to the Soviet Union collapse and its influence with it.

“This is a Nine takeover of Fairfax folks, it ain’t a merger,” tweeted Katharine Murphy, political editor of the Guardian Australia.  The Fairfax name will be ditched from the parent company and Nine CEO Hugh Marks will run the new group.  The ‘merged’ company will be called ‘Nine’ and CEO Greg Hywood bonuses with a $8 million payout.

He’s arranged it as a forced redundancy to avoid tax, poor blighter.  Hywood’s expert and infamous for five redundancy gouges at Fairfax while rocking up to work at Pyrmont in his blue Maserati.

Soon announcements of comfy retirement packages to the likes of Nick Falloon, Greg Hywood, Lisa Davies, Alex Lavelle, Sam Wier will be drip fed out.  And if you think photos of mass sackings like this are bad?

Well, those flash glass and aluminium Fairfax buildings at Sydney’s Pyrmont and Melbourne’s Docklands are to be sold off.  They won’t get much because they’re both clad in that flammable Grenfell tower cladding.

Fairfax Propagandists in Bubble of Denial

What is amusing is that Leftie staff were so much in denial in their ivory towers that they didn’t see this coming.  “Staff at Fairfax have been shocked by the “unbelievably sad” news that Nine is taking over. One has said to “send help”.

ABC-come-SMH leftie Kate McClymont has said “Everyone is shell shocked, I don’t think people saw this coming.”

Since the advent of Internet for selling jobs, cars and houses; then the 2008 Global Financial Crisis when business advertising so-called “rivers of gold” dried up, newspaper revenues have never recovered.   They didn’t bother reading Pamela Williams 2013 book ‘Killing Fairfax: Packer, Murdoch and the Ultimate Revenge‘, or Colleen Ryan‘s book ‘Fairfax: The Rise and Fall‘ of the same year.  Nor would that have read Ben Hill’s 2014 book ‘How Greed, Incompetence (and the Internet) Wrecked Fairfax‘.  Hundreds of biased journos were being sacked yet those left retained blind loyalty in the mastheads for nostalgic cultural Marxism.

Once was Independent..around 1831

Instead they group-thought their own left-wing ideological bibles The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  They have collectively been obsessed with getting back at Murdock’s News media.  It’s the hubris of Leftie indignation.  Murdock’s ‘The Australian’ newspaper for instance campaigned vigorously to have Non-White Rights Commission president, Professor Gillian Triggs, removed.  So Fairfax newspapers focused on sustaining her position, particularly in respect of refugees and asylum seekers.  Like never let facts get in the way of propping up a Leftie autocrat.  Triggs dug her own hole by lying to public enquiries.

Lefties Have Trashed Journalism

What impartiality, accuracy, fairness, open-mindedness, balance?  What media standards, code of journalistic conduct?   “The ABC doesn’t do it so why should we?”  Fairfax openly pushed the climate change cult.  Fairfax lefties went full-blown leftist propaganda, copy-pasting from lobby groups and Facebook/Twitter, then ultimately fabricating their own fake news.

Reality check dudes!  Fairfax has been ‘no facts’ for a long time.  Few bought the crap.  You can only spin fake news for so long without readers.

It’s progressive journo apoptosis.

No proud history, Kate McClymont; just inevitability. The levy is dry.


R.I.P Fairfax trolls Krystyna Pollard, Greg Bearup, Luke McMahon, Elise Potaka, Sarah Whyte, Peter FitzSimons, Mark Sawyer, Melissa Cunningham, Harrison Vesey, Peter Munro, Bianca Hall, Kelly Bourke, Sean Aylmer and John Birmingham.  You lot pushed the merits of leftie globalism, so now sample casualisation first hand at Crikey.

“I’ve spent most of my working life at Fairfax. I want to cry.”

— Katharine Murphy (@murpharoo) July 25, 2018.


There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the cultural Marxists and neo-Trotskyites.  You know it must be a good thing when Paul Keating froths publicly, using he’s saved up vitriolic vernacular.  Keating has condemned the Nine Network “a low brow outfit”, has the “ethics of an alley cat”, accusing it of “chequebook journalism” and reckons the Nine takeover of Fairfax is “an exceptionally bad development.”

Keating’s wrath stems from his hate of the Nine Network from when Kerry Packer used it to undermine Keating as Treasurer and then PM in the 1980s and 1990s.  His hate and loathing of then media moguls Rupert Murdock, Kerry Packer and Conrad Black, saw Keating respond with cross media ownership laws.  But the Nine Network as it was back then was privately foreign-owned by American banks like Apollo Global Management, Oaktree Capital and Goldman Sachs – Turncoat’s previous employer.

Globalism in Media: Bigger, Fewer, Foreign

In December 2013 Nine Entertainment listed on the Australian stock exchange, supposedly publicly owned – but check the majority shareholders.  Many are foreign banks such as BT (USA), UBS (Switzerland) , Deutsche Bank (Germany), and Legg Mason (USA).
In 2017, globalist Liberal PM Malcolm Turnbull branded cross media ownership ‘pre-digital’ and ‘outdated’ and enacted his Foreign Media Ownership and Community Radio Act 2017.  So in 2018, his Liberal mate former treasurer Peter Costello can chair the bigger new media monolith known as ‘Nine’.

But does ownership matter when LibLab ‘free trade’ globalism has resulted in Australia’s media landscape dominated by foreign multinationals, notably Google and Facebook out of leftist California?  Both are low-brow and censor online content when it is not leftist.