Defend Australian culture in Bendigo

Australia First Party Bendigo

People of Bendigo, time has come to draw the line and STOP THE ROT…Time has come to stand up and defend our great town, our heritage and our CHILDREN’S Future…this talk of diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance is no more than a political correct way of saying prepare for cultural dominance…

The Australia First Party is the only true Nationalist party in Australia…we don’t wave Israel flags or bang globalist drums

…If it’s not in Australia’s interests, we are NOT interested!

Bendigo people unite, join our Bendigo Facebook Page and help us fight this government tyranny before our town is turned into a migrant dumping ground…Help us Save Our town and our country.

No muslims, no mosque, no multicultism, just Australians

Australia for Australians FirstVOTE 1:  Australia First Party

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