Another ethnic swimming outside the patrol flags drowns – this time a Punjabi at night at Wollongong

Didn’t have to wait long. A day after two ethnics went for a dip pissed in a rip off Coffs Harbour, a punjabi was seen swimming at night outside the beach patrol flags at North Wollongong.

The 21-year-old wannabe Sikh was last seen bobbing off North Wollongong Beach on Wednesday night at around 7:20pm, wearing a pair of blue swimming shorts and a friggen turban!

Qeanbeyan Turban drowns at Wollongong beach

The import resided in Queanbeyan near Canberra, a quiet Aussie town but recently being taken over by increasing ethnic Indians and Punjabis.

Rescue crews searched up until 10pm on Wednesday, but being warm the tiger sharks probably got him.  Bit a curry burley for them.

So mandatory curry sea marker dye was thrown into the area where he was last seen bobbing from the shore as a gesture to the current and shark gods.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.  Crap!  Why?

Perhaps he was a 457 visa cook at KT Bee’s Kitchen on Bungendore Road, Queanbeyan East, the dodgy curry house on the books of the NSW Food Authority for having a disgusting kitchen.  The owner Jasbir Singh was fined $440 back on September 1 last year.

Suicide TurbanBuoyancy?


But ya can’t tell these ethnics.

As soon as the surf picks up they come down to the beach like magnets.  They wanna avoid the pounders and the foam so head straight for the flat rip away from the patrolled beach.  They take selfies and head out in groups.  Some get pissed. Some even wanna swim at night.  Down in Victoria they luv swimming in the kelp.

Don’t the fools see the red and yellow flags.  The flags aren’t there for some cultural Buddhist blessing.

Most can’t swim to save themselves. Most can’t even speak Engrish.

There needs to be two rules added to Customs clearance when applying for a visa to Australia – no beards, must speak English and must be able to swim 100 metres.

Last January 2016 down in Victoria over summer, four ethnics had to be pulled from the sea at Cape Woolamai beach on Phillip Island after getting caught in a rip at night.  They were in one of those big monocultural ethnic groups.  They were all asian and a couple of indians – all here on 457 visas taking Australian jobs at a local nursing home Banfield Aged Care in Cowes. There were 15 of them on the beach.  The group were in shallow water just up to their knees taking selfies at about 7pm.

It was getting dark, the beach was unpatrolled and the warning signs were posted.

Woolamai Beach SLSC explicit warning about ripsWoolamai Beach SLSC could have done no more


It was dusk. The local life savers had long finished their patrol, but had even warned the group about the rip and had told them to get out of the water.  The current is strong, the beach is steep, and it’s getting dark.  Hello!

Australian Life Guards
But typically ethnics ignored the explicit warnings, and they were soon pulled out to sea by a powerful rip.

Here we go again…

Off-duty lifeguards and a surfer went to their rescue and pulled two people from the water, while two others were reportedly seen face down up to 60m off shore.

Why bother?  Job done. Turn the radio up and head home.

Ethnics drown swimming outside flagsD.O.A.

One of the swimmers, a 34-year-old asian woman died in hospital on Monday and a 27-year-old overweight Indian man is still fighting for his life at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Indian swimming outside patrol flags at nightTypical

Just days before the tragedy in Victoria, two men were pulled from unrelenting surf conditions at Hawks Nest in the NSW Hunter Region. The body of a third man, 20-year-old from Sydney, was found on Tuesday.

The trio were swimming at an unpatrolled part of Bennett’s Beach, when they became caught in a rip. The beach was closed at the time due to horrendous conditions following a week of high rainfall and storms.


In 2015, 12,690 rescues were recorded across Australia, including 102 drowning deaths.   34 of those drownings were swimmers and waders who decided to take a dip outside the red and yellow flags.  This is 19 more than in 2014 because there are more ethnics living here.

They’re a bloody menace.

charlie don't surfGot another one for ya!


Sydney beaches are the worst for offenders swimming outside the flags.  The most common age demographic of drowning were foreign men aged between 45 and 49.   More ignorant ethnics, simple – despite all the warning signs, advising swimmers of the ‘strong currents’ and ‘hazardous conditions’ were planted along parts of the beach.

Asians not swimming between the flags

And instead of heeding the wise advice from experienced life guards to swim inside the flags, the arrogant ethnics will return the bird.

It’s a foreign unAustralian arrogant culture.

Message:  let ’em drown.  Rock fisherman are an even bigger problem. Seriously who gives a toss?