Cootamundra by-election: Jim Saleam the true Australian candidate

In the wake of Katrina Hodgkinson selfishly abandoning rural Australians of The Riverina, Australia First Party’s national president, Dr Jim Saleam, has felt compelled to throw his hat into the by-election ring.

Frankly it’s about time rural Australians had a real choice of who represents their fundamental socio-economic interests.

Why should the overfunded Sydney ignore the voters of New South Wales?  New South Wales is not just Sydney. Yet Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Sydney Mayor Greens Clover Moore remain urban biased to enriching Sydney at the expense of regional New South Wales.The Nats do as they’re told.

So why should Australians outside the capital cities be compelled to submit to the lapdog National Party?  The Nationals represent foreign mining companies these days, not local Australians.  Cootamundra’s 2017 candidate field is particularly party toxic, self-interested and anti-Australian.

Australia First Party’s national president, Dr Jim Saleam, holds a doctorate in Australian political history.  Jim knows a tad more about Australia’s proud formative history and struggles across the battling Riverina, than all the country gentry Gnat-Liberals and Labor elites combined.

While Jim realises his political strength lies in New South Wales politic heart of Sydney, Jim savours his regular trips out of migrant-saturated Sydney out to the regions to maintain his connection with traditional true Australia.

Australia Day is 26th January and will always remain so in honour of our forebears.

In Sydney, Liberal and Labor are bulldozing Australia’s heritage like this.


Dr Jim Saleam is a candidate for Cootamundra – for an ideological revolution.

So thumb your nose at the Nats, Libs, Labor, Greens and stooges calling themselves ‘independent’. They are part of the elitist swamp, anti-Australian and anti the interests of people of the Riverina.

We know our history.  We know the dishonest leftist attempts to try to re-write our history with multiculturalism and foreigner appeasement.

Meanwhile, we observe locals missing out on healthcare, education, work opportunity, recognition from Gladys east of the Divide.

Read the Historical Truth

A special Facebook page has been opened to support the campaign of Australia First Party president, Jim Saleam, in the New South Wales by-election for Cootamundra.

Our Cootamundra 2017 Campaign on Facebook: 

Dr Jim Saleam For Cootamundra for an Ideological Revolution

Although Australia First Party is not registered to contest State elections in New South Wales, the party will support its National President – Jim Saleam – as a candidate for the by-election for Cootamundra.

The campaign is now coming to life and will be directed by Australia First Party’s Wagga Wagga council 2016 candidate, Lorraine Sharp.
Dr. Jim Saleam said today:

“I am concerned in this campaign to raise serious issues that affect the Riverina economy, our heritage and freedom. I am not here to play vote catcher but rather to ask people to cast the informed protest vote against the destruction of out way of life for our people.”

Our campaign in Cootamundra rejects the treacherous attempts to undo Australian Heritage!

  1. The interconnected nature of traitor class (Nats) corruption with the economic intrusion of China into the Riverina
  2. The forced Council amalgamation of Gundagai and Cootamundra and linkage to the China cities proposal for Gundagai-Cootamundra and the very fast Melbourne-Sydney train line project
  3. The taking over of the old train lines and the regional airports being an attempt to subjugate the Riverina economy to China to the profit of local collaborators – one example the selling of all quality agricultural produce to China which leaves lesser quality produce here, but not lower prices
  4. The activities of Riverina politician Darryl Maguire who spends a great amount of time in China and his fitness to serve in a parliament
  5. The asset stripping of farmers by mortgage companies using the case of Darren Ciavarella in Narrandera – just one example.
  6. The re-writing of history of Young, another version of the tearing-down of statues, such that the Lambing Flat 1861 uprising which created “free labour” in New South Wales (Jack Lang) was some sort of China dragon-festival that can now serve Chinese imperialism.
  7. The re-crafting of Junee as a private-gaol town on the failed US models of prison-towns.
  8. The abuse of the Riverina small-towns as refugee dumps, the cheap labour for the new plantation economy and the mining industries (like the gold-trails areas). And friggen Islamic abattoirs??
  9. The clandestine acquisition of quarries to control sand and gravel in the Riverina that may serve the China driven economic system to the detriment of local cities and towns.

Jim says:

“I am not the candidate of a mainstream party, nor do I abide their rules.

I am minded of what the great Arthur Calwell said: ‘I don’t want to scare native-born reactionaries by talking of revolution but what else is there to talk about?’

I think it is time the voters here made a point – that they know what is going on with this new colonisation, they don’t like it ,and they are going to stand up – and say no. I want an ideological revolution in Riverina.

The problems of this great zone of Australia come down to this and little else.  The behind the scenes operators, the take-down of our heritage, the destruction of our towns, the big projects tells this truth.  I look forward to building our party in this area as your best representative.”