Cheap labour armies invading Australia

There are 1.5 million foreigners in Australia, right now in 2015, with work visas.  That’s equivalent to 15 Melbourne Cricket Grounds full!

15 MCGs

And this include many overseas students.

The numbers will soar as the requirements for Australian companies to advertise and select Australians if they can for the jobs – is scaled back.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is making some noise.  Their facts may be right but we doubt they will act for Australian workers.

The Free Trade Agreement with China and other Trans Pacific Partnership arrangements bust open our labour market.

Foreigners on Work Visas

We say Protect Industry and Protect Jobs! These principles run counter to globalism.

Only a movement grounded in the nationalist labour tradition can fight  back!

We say fight back as our forefathers did – with a domestic protected market, a true labour price which shuts out contract alien labour.

Union leaders have shown they cannot be trusted to stand up for Aussie workers against visa labour. Union delegates seem to be more interested in bribing employers to secure slush funds to finance a career in the Labor Party.

Australian workers are increasingly restive as cheap visa labour threatens more sectors of Australian industrial and workplace life.

Officially the unions are demanding that Australian citizens come first.  But the union movement is controlled by people whose ideology is in tune with the globalisers of the Labor Party.

Of course, workers look to fight back themselves at the industrial level, occasionally forcing union structures to work for them, but sometimes not.   Politically, workers know that Labor will not fight for Australians first and that the extreme-Left, dominated as it is by Trotskyites, always puts foreigners ahead of Australians.

Liberal Party’s Treasurer Joe Hockey has asked the Productivity Commission to look into the benefits and costs of permanent and temporary migration of cheap low-skilled Third World foreigners.  Hockey wants Filipinos to swamp Australia’s aged care, child care and the disability workplaces.

Hockey argues “Migrants contribute to economic growth and thereby the well-being of all ­Australians.”    Then they bring their villages in and claim welfare – some economic growth!

Meanwhile, Hockey ignores the fact that Australian qualified nursing graduates are not getting jobs because public and private hospitals are hiring cheap Third World nurses on 457 (temporary work) visas.

Thousands of Australia’s own nurse graduates continue to complete their degrees only to face unemployment, underemployment and job insecurity.  Nurse and midwifery graduates are struggling to get work because of a ‘lack of experience’ with employers preferring to hire international workers instead.

 Australian qualified nurses can't get work in Australia

A new survey run by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) found over a third of graduates were jobless and those who did find employment worked casually and wanted more hours.

Only 15 per cent of survey participants responded that they had secure employment.

Working Visas are being abused by employers and many foreign workers are being exploited.

Australia’s public health system is broken.  It is overrun by migrant demand. It is staffed by cheap migrants from Third World countries.  It fails to employ qualified Australians.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) estimates that in 2013-14:

  • In Tasmania, 60 per cent of nursing graduates are unable to find work
  • In Queensland, only 600 graduates out of 2500 are employed
  • In Victoria, 800 graduates cannot get a job
  • In Western Australia, 400 nurses graduates cannot get a job
  • In South Australia, 280 nurse graduates cannot secure a position

Key facts about the temporary visa system:

  • There are over 1.2 million temporary visa holders working in Australia and they make up 10 per cent of the workforce
  • Unlike the permanent migration program, the temporary visa system is largely uncapped
  • At the current growth rate temporary visa numbers will reach two million by 2020
  • Between 2007-14, the number of temporary visa holders rose by around 600,000 – an almost 50 per cent increase

The ACTU President has stated that, “The temporary visa system is broken and must be fixed or we’ll continue to see young Australians missing out on jobs and foreign workers being exploited.

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