Carrington Public School Leftist ideas fed to young vulnerable minds

Australian parents of primary school children expect the basics of a good rounded education and healthy socialisation.

But parents don’t expect their children to be indoctrinated at school with extremist ideology.  That is what cults are for – like the Church of Scientology, like Danny Nalliah’s Catch the Fire Ministries, and the Exclusive Brethren, or Hillsong Church or the Yellow Deli People.  Hardcore types even experimented with The Family down in Victoria.

But not at Newcastle’s Carrington Public School!  It’s just a normal school for Christ’s Sake!

But yesterday, Carrington Public School attracted media headlines.  Carrington’s new principal, Meredith Lindsay, (an extreme Leftist) to her newly adopted school, banned Christianity at the school’s Remembrance Day Service.

Principal Meredith Lindsay

This principal yesterday, flatly banned all hymns and prayers from Carrington Public School’s Remembrance Day Service, for the first time in the school’s history.  Until this year, pupils from Carrington Public School, near Newcastle, were integral to an annual public service at the suburb’s cenotaph. Traditionally Remembrance Day Service includes reciting the Lord’s Prayer and singing a hymn.

But principal Meredith Lindsay ruled this year that the school would no longer take part because it is in her view, secular.

Instead, the school held its own service on school grounds after refusing to include a request by ex-serviceman and organiser Morrie Whitten to have the Lord’s Prayer and a hymn included in the run sheet.

Yet Carrington Public School has its own chaplain, David Gibson, a Minister and Pastor with Australian Christian Churches.  He attends Carrington Public School twice a week, which makes newcomer Meredith Lindsay claims of the school being secular, a lie.

In the 2011 Census, Newcastle recorded 72.2% of people living in Newcastle were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 2.5%, New Zealand 1.9%, United States of America 1.3%, China 0.9%, India 0.8%.

80.1% of Novocastrians still speak English as their first language 1.3% Mandarin, 1.1% Arabic, 0.8% Persian (excluding Dari), 0.7% German, 0.7% Italian.  The religious make up of Newcastle is 28.6% No Religion, 21.8% Catholic, 18.7% Anglican, 3.9% Uniting Church, 2.8% Presbyterian and Reformed.  “No Religion” used to be “Not Defined”.  It allows for no specific religious affiliation, non-Church goers, agnostics, atheists, belief in other spirituality not specified in the census.  So it is vague, and almost certainly deliberately so  since it was changed by Rudd-Gillard Labor in 2011 from being just “Not Defined”.

Local gossip is that Meredith Lindsay is an outspoken Commo humanist and a devout Gillard fan who was all in favour of Gillard’s Fabian Curriculum and was almost recruited to the exclusive red girls’ Emily’s List.

It appears Meredith Lindsay has form when it comes to sharing her Leftist ideology around.  Meredith Lindsay joined the “happy hive” at Carrington in Term 3, 2013 after a stint teaching (or was it indocrinating) at Kurri Kurri Public School just outside Newcastle.

While at Kurri Kurri in May 2013, Meredith Lindsay organised for black Congolese refugees to visit the primary school to encourage Year 5 and 6 students to empathise with the needs of refugees. Meredith Lindsay adopted the Gillard Curriculum unit “Refugees and Migration” as part of their HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment) curriculum.

Meredith Lindsay had her class read reading the novel Mahtab’s Story by Libby Gleeson on refugees.  She then invited the real life characters Kwabo and Iglal, to her class in Kurri Kurri, to hear “firsthand accounts of their experiences, allowed the students to relate these stories directly to what they were learning in class.”

Refugees preach at Kurri Kurri Public School

What has so-called “refugees” got to do with primary school education?  The role of a primary school principal is to lead and manage the planning, delivery and evaluation of student education, and to improve where necessary.  It is not to impart one’s personal politics or world views.

Meredith Lindsay is abusing her role as principal by evangelising her own political views in class.  Meredith Lindsay is teaching disrespect for Australian service men and women who fought and died for our freedoms.

Liberal Party Minister for Education in New South Wales, Adrian Piccoli MP, supports the approach taken by Meredith Lindsay.

Carrington Football Club Roll of Honour

She sounds like a dangerous influence to young vulnerable children.  She would be better served serving up the Lefties doctrine at the University of Sydney, where all the socialist-anarchists hang out and protest week on week.

Come on Parents!  March peacefully into the school, tell the Principal and her politics where to go, and take your kids out of Commo Carrington Public School.

Keep the hard working Aussies in Newcastle.  Don’t encourage the welfare lefties and their foreign cousins.

Australian Sovereignty