Bit Rich

When a rich magnate wants to lower the minimum wage below $600 a week, are we dealing with aristocratic pious?

When a rich magnate criticises Australian wages as too high and has compared them to West Africans who work for less than $2 per day, who listens?  When a rich magnate calls for a Pilbara mining region be treated as a special low tax zone to employ cheap foreign labour, who seriously listens?

One thing Kevin Rudd did conceive right was his 40% mining super profit tax.  He just failed on marketing and implementation and let fat cat miners walk all over him.  Rudd was a pussy cat to the feral fat cats miners when he was previously running the show.

If there’s one thing that Australians like in a leader, it is having balls to stand up to intimidation.

What do the native Karijini people whose traditional lands cover the iron wealth of the Pilbara think of the resources boom?  Have they been denied it like most Australians?

The Perth ‘haves’ are making a killing out of the resources boom.  They better save their wealth.