Beach Culture is Charlie Don’t Surf

“Foreigners are succumbing outside the flags in droves…34 so far this summer Grommet!  One couldn’t even swim Clovelly.”

“..Yeah, Charlie don’t surf, Bogs, your wave.”


December 2018 has set a record for ethnics drowning outside the surf patrol flags, with 30 drownings recorded in 26 days around Australia. It’s like it’s some lemming summer death wish fest.

The demographic is mostly male, tourist, foreign fake student, else Third World migrant and mostly Indians.  None of those who have succumbed has ever invested in swimming lessons, let alone surf lessons. It just comes down to ignorant hero attitude.  The statistics follow the mass immigration – mainly from Sydney to coastal New South Wales, from Brisbane to coastal Queensland and from Melbourne to coastal Victoria.

Yet the lying PC multiculti media deliberately hide theier ethnicity, or else falsely report the victims as being “Australian nationals” to disguise the reality.  ‘Australian nationals’ simply means that they have some sort of residency, but otherwise their ethnic and can’t be bothered learning to swim.

It’s a familiar and increasing pattern every year

It’s got to the point that Surf Life Saving Australia, as well as coastal helicopter rescue services, and coastal police – all exist to nanny the ignorant wading ethnics.  At what expense?  And what a waste that do-gooder Aussies are succumbing by trying to rescue the ethnic fools.  Australia loses on average about five do-gooders a year because of the ethnic fools.

Dec 5 at Green Island:   They flock to Green Island to self-euthanase-by-sea, like a 17-year-old Japanese backdoor student migrant swimming 500m outside the flags.  The PC media just described him as an exchange student.  He’s tourist number eight in a decade.  In September, an Indian (56) succumbed after he had been swimming in an unpatrolled area and outside of the lifesavers’ flags.  Surf Life Saving Queensland blames the area as a black spot, but what about the foreign hodads?  Green Island inside the reef is not exactly a place of thundering surf, but the local stingers seem to have exotic tastes.

Dec 17 at Moonee Beach:  A group of six ethnics from western Sydney reckoned they’d go for a dip in the surf at 6pm at remote unpatrolled Moonee Beach.  That’s what the PC media report, that they were from western Sydney.  Crap.  It turns out that they were all Indians on holiday from Hyderabad.  Two became head-down floaters – Ghouseuddin Mohammed (45) and Syed Rahath (35) (their real names),  while a third vanished into the deep blue. What was left of Junaid Mohd Abdul (27) floated ashore a week later at Port Macquarie some 150km south.

Port Macquarie’s local footy team have forever adopted their team logo for a reason.

Disappointingly, Aussie lifeguard Greg Hackfath risked his life swimming 500 metres to bring one of the idiots back to shore.  Greg confirmed that Moonee Beach is unpatrolled (unlike seven perfectly good other beaches in the Coffs Harbour area which are patrolled).  He said the group had stupidly waded into Moonee Creek which feeds into the beach has a “strong flowing outgoing tide”.  “We had a significant amount of rain the day before yesterday overnight and coupled with an outgoing tide and a lot of rain with flood waters, the creek was roaring.”

Poignantly, swimmers accessing notorious Moonee Beach have to walk over the ‘Look at Me Now‘ headland.

Meanwhile, Asian hero rockfishers couldn’t help themselves at Bondi Beach.  After a stir fry brekkie, a 40 something male goes rock fishing for runch equipped with rod and bait, but no ruddy rife jacket.  By midday he’s a face-down floater.

Dec 21 back at Moonee Beach:  A 60-year-old Swiss tourist succumbs.  He becomes the fourth there in five days.  And they’re complaining about the shortage of morgue services around Coffs Harbour.  Funding deserves to come out of Australia’s foreign aid budget.

Dec 24 at Woolamai Beach:  This is Aussie rip capital – notorious steep beach, immediate deep water over your head, plunging waves, multiple rips between sandbars, strong southerly current, rocks and jagged reefs. It’s such a beautiful washing machine.

Check out the Beachsafe website public cautions.

Ethnics, you will succumb!

The Colonnades of Phillip Island are not safe for non-swimming ethnics. 

If the strong rip, current and dumpers don’t get ya, the kelp or the Dusky Whalers will.

So Christmas Eve in wades male ethnic (45) of East Cranbourne with his son, a beach cove away from Woolamai’s surf patrol.  The PC media hid his ethnicity, because they know we’re a wake up.   But the East Cranbourne address is a give away – 90% likelihood of being Indian or Sri Lankan.   Both couldn’t swim to save themselves so succumbed within minutes – swallowed by the sea whole.  They had to walk past this sign and the patrolled surf beach was over a kilometre away.

But in wades male ethnic (45) of Melbourne’s ethnic East Cranbourne with his son.  The PC media hide the ethnicity these days, because they know we’re a wake up.  PC media disguise enthicity, so Aussies are none the wiser.  It’s a leftist ABC propaganda rule.

Yet their East Cranbourne address is a give away – 90% likelihood of being Indian or Sri Lankan.  Neither could swim to save themselves so they succumbed within minutes – swallowed by the sea whole.  To suicide by surf they had to walk right past this sign, and the patrolled Woolamai surf beach is over a kilometre away.

It doesn’t even have to be in English to get a gist of what it might be suggesting.

If only ethnics could read or gave a shit?  But then it’s likely euthanasic.  Read up on The Colonnades:

The Colonnades Beach for Ethnic Euthanasia

And Woolamai Beach surf lifesaving club had put a warning out to swimmers on its Facebook page early the day prior telling them to avoid the beach all together due to perilous conditions.

[Postscript:  It was Hemant Govekar (28) who succumbed – a backdoor student migrant from India]

Dec 25 (Chrissy) at Lake Conjola: A Korean male snorkler (46) succumbs in flat water around 2pm.  Big Chrissy liquid lunch?  He was on a student visa, but at age 46?

Dec 26 at Cape Schanck: Vietnamese abalone poacher (64) from Melbourne’s Vietnamese enclave of St Albans succumbs in big swell off the rock platform.  No sympathy.  Việts go sick over greenlip. Victorian Fisheries are used to Việts acting suspiciously down there – like serial thieves Danh Duy Ngo, Nghia Dinh Nguyen, Van Nguyen.  In February 2016, Phong Hoai Thuy Nguyen (41) was gaoled for 23 months for regularly buying abalone from divers and then selling it in at her St Albans Vietnamese restaurant.

Same day, same state, Indian Harmanjot Singh Walia (27) (his real name) decided to ignore the warning sign at MacKenzie Falls in The Grampians and went for a dip anyway at around 6pm.

He couldn’t swim and had no health or travel insurance.  He was on a 457 work visa and the lying media reported that he was a New Zealander to skew Australia’s drowning statistics.

Dec 28 at Mooloolaba Beach:  Indian tourist Pritesh Patel had only been in the water for five minutes when he got caught in a rip and nearly succumbed – outside the patrol flags of course.

Dec 31 at Dicky Beach:  Some South Korean man (60+) succumbs in unpatrolled surf at about 2.45pm – probably inebriated.   Over the years, the rib-like shipwreck has lured tourists to succumb to the sea there.

Jan 1, 2019 at Clovelly Beach:  Ethnic snorkler (38) succumbs at Sydney’s urban family-friendly flat Clovelly beach – there’s no rip, no swell.  Turns out that the snorkler was from ethnic Canterbury, so its presumed he’s an Arabic import with NFI.  PC media disguise enthicity, so Aussies are none the wiser.  It’s a leftist ABC propaganda rule.

Clovelly Beach, so scary

Same day at North Straddie an ethnic (40) goes for a dip at Frenchman’s Beach deliberately on the other side of Point Lookout away from the patrolled Main Beach.  He succumbs; liquid lunch suspected.  Sea conditions on the day were listed as difficult.  The ethnic had to walk right past this sign:

But then Surf Life Saving Queensland goes and stigmas Frenchman’s Beach as a black spot?  Another case of Local Rip Prejudice or what?  Someone ought to complain to the latest human rights commissioner.  What’s his name Chin Tan?

That afternoon another ethnic (45) decided at 4:50pm it was a good idea to go swimming at unpatrolled Paynesville backwater in the Gippsland Lakes.  Waves lapping on to the shore, there’s no rip, but was he sober at that time?

Sunset Cove at Paynesville, where the surf is as scary as at Clovelly

Dumpers peak on the beach up to 4 inches in a stiff offshore, it’s just tube city!

Anyway he succumbed.  The fake PC media reported that he was “a Bairnsdale man” aged “45” but didn’t release a photo or his name.  He was actually 34, so the media were out by 11 years.  Then they reported his name was Max, but that was crap too.

  His name was Lasea Tavai. He was from the Cook Islands and couldn’t swim.  Then he had a KFC heart attack in the water.

Same day, a mob of Pakis decided wading in a rip at 6pm on Sandon Point Beach seemed like the thing to do.  It’s near Bulli north of The Gong. the beach was well closed beach with no-one around.  Stupidly an off-duty Illawarra clubie lifesaver Anthony Turner went to their aid risking his life by borrowing a boogie board.  The four Pakis offered no reward, not even a kebab.  Then another three of their fake asylum type did the same suicide effort in the same rip.  The Illawarra coast is full of the brown hodas these days, yet Canberran mass immigration expects local Aussies to risk their lives for these welfare losers.

Drownings in Australia up 50% on last summer, and we’re only half way into the summer holidays.  SportsBet ought add ethnic surf suicide to its gaming repertoire.

Surf Life Saving could make a good little earner by diversifying into funeral services to Third World beachgoers as a one-stop-one-way shop to surf paradise.

Death in Paradise