Australia’s Megalomaniac Rudd attacks Garden Island then threatens Syria same day

Zippy Rudd-On-The-Run has today launched the main thrust of his Brisvegas Vision.  Rudd’s now swinging seat of Griffith is after all in his exclusive South Brisy, ritzy Kangaroo Point thank you!

But desperate Labor times call for desperate measures, and Labor does whatever it takes.

Brisbane based Kevin Rudd, not only runs Australia from his lodge home in leafy Brisvegas, but now wants to shift the Navy to his pet home state of Queensland, shallow waters no matter.

Kevin Rudd's new Brisy lodge

Rudd-On-The-Run has surprised everyone including Navy Brass.  Another brainsnap on one of his jetset flights is to simply move navy warships from Sydney’s Garden Island to Queensland and easy bombing target Darwin.

What is in Rudd’s inflight service?  I want some!

Who needs more than a simple wire desk on the verandah to dream up delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence?

Rudd's Showpony Office

Simple office on display on Facebook.  I’m here for a good time, not a long time.

True-to-Ruddism, goes like this:

“Hey what about me Banana State Defence idea, yeah sounds good, quick sketch up a press release to make the 6 o’clock evening news.   No consultation, it’s in me Rudd head, uncosted, pros and cons future delegated to a ‘taskforce’, impacts for Rudd’s political opponents like Bazza to suck up.

So Rudd dumped his Defence epiphany on the lapdog media without even the courtesy of pre-alerting the Premier of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell.   O’Farrell says a 2011 review found Garden Island injected $470 million a year into the NSW economy and employed 6700 people, including up to 4000 jobs at the naval base.

Labor’s latest White Paper on Defence in 2011 costs such a capital expensive move at $6 billion.  Not Rudd’s money, but that $6 billion sure as shit would go a heck of a way to  modernise Australia’s Navy and respond to defence and security priorities.

What was Rudd’s primary school teacher’s report – loner, struggles with basic arithmetic, difficulty working with other classmates, temper tantrums, has his own playtime gang, may have personality disorder?

Well Rudd had to announce something to Sydney’s powerful jewish voter base today at the Lowy Institute.  And sure as shit, an Israeli operative had a word in Kev’s ear regarding Syria.

So Big Kev sees his primetime moment to be a war hero beyond the wire in old Afghanistan.  Rudd brainsnaps: chemical weapons of mass deception?

Right! We’re all the way with OB’s say.  Where’s me Vas?

Leftist US President Obama phones Rudd, but Rudd is already Vaseline prepped for his coalition of the swinging greasy bendover.  Ohh!

Rudd comes out saying Australian military officers are in close contact with their American counterparts about a potential response to the use of chemical weapons to “murder” civilians in Syria.  Like with Kennedy and Johnson in Vietnam, and Bush in Iraq, Rudd is allowing the war justification rhetoric to build in the media, and Rudd has CIA media advisers brought specially.

Out comes the media drip feed:  “Mr Rudd discussed the situation in Syria with US president Barack Obama this morning, after the US gave its strongest hint yet that it was ready to take action against the Assad regime following last week’s apparent chemical attack in Damascus.”

Out comes the justification:  “The PM said it was “patently clear” that chemical weapons had been used to kill civilians, and invoked the memory of the Srebrenica massacre and the Rwandan genocide, saying the international community had to take action.
“The situation in Syria is a grave one.”

“Our diplomats are in close contact with each other and our military liaison officers are in contact with each other.

“This is an important question, not just for immediate events in Syria itself but the broader international principle of any regime anywhere in the world believing it can murder people with chemical weapons and get away with it without any response.”

Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a “fundamental assault on all international norms”.

“[Mr Obama] is consulting allies about two things – where the evidence points, in terms of who is responsible for what is now patently clear to have been a chemical weapons attack and, secondly, what now must be done across the international community.”

Step-by-step Obama’s Pentagon machine is dragging Rudd into another strategic proxy war to serve US interests.

Rudd bends over:

“Without doubt Syria is now the world’s greatest political crisis and unfolding humanitarian disaster. This is a crisis of historic proportions.  It is the greatest political challenge of our time.”

Must be even worse than climate change to stay in power.  Lowy and his jewish mates will have given Rudd their vote.

Intimidation from Obama has come since July from three key figures who helped US President Barack Obama win a second term to work on the upcoming federal election campaign:

  • Special Agent Tom McMahon, the former executive director of the Democratic National Committee
  • Special Agent Joon Kim of the consulting firm New Partners
  • MI6 British operative and social media expert, Matthew McGregor.

Rudd you dudd!   All three played pivotal roles in the 2012 presidential elections with using sophisticated social media and field operations to defeat Republican Mitt Romney, so they have form.

Vaseline Politics

So t’is a sensible time for outward thinking Australian soldiers to leave the forces on a full-time locked-in basis.  The current lot in power can’t be trusted and backroom political warmongering destines the same horror as 10 year olds gaming on X-Box.

Australia’s defence is Oceania, end of story.   Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tuvalu and the Federated States of Micronesia, and their respective territorial waters and airspace.

We are not fodder for some foreign nation’s strategic interests, nor world policeman.