Greens in the Senate not there to keep the bastards honest

Greens in The Senate

will only keep the bastards coming!

Since Kevin 07,  Green’s Labor has snuck in

50,000 illegal queue jumpers

Economic IllegalsWe won’t give them jobs, denying Australians a decent living!

All third world illegals since Kevin ’07 aligned himself with the Green Left, have depriving ordinary Australians of a massive $10 Billion of federal and state government taxes.

Australia’s wealth has been ideologically swallowed down the Rudd financial sinkhole with nothing to show for it but 50,000 foreigners with their hand out for our taxes.

With the Third World making up 6 billion of the world’s 7 billion people,  the scale of Green’s Labor’s welcome mats augurs very scarily for Australia under the Greens’ irresponsible borderless ideology.

Asylum Seekers to AustraliaJust 15 Indonesian illegal boats here above, each carrying a typical average of 100 illegal migrants.  Multiply this by 300 to get 50,000 foreigners wanting our land, jobs, houses, childcare, pensions and then impose their high-minded multiculturalism on us.

Genuine asylum seekers seek genuine asylum anywhere.  But illegal immigrants transit through corrupt Indonesia to lucky country Australia and prepaying $10,000 a piece to Indonesian based people smugglers.

And both Rudd and Abbott welcome Indonesia’s military to be trained by Aussie diggers?

The 1951 European Refugee Convention was never intended to encourage criminal global people smuggling and for the United Nations to shift and burden First World nations with Third World poverty.

The Greens have immorally stolen Australian Democrats slogan of “keeping the bastards honest” by their politically subliminal campaign to secure Greens Senate seats outside the executive parliament.  Don Chip would turn in his grave.

I’m Disgusted

But this “Greens in the Senate” campaign risks only inviting another 50,000 illegals to further burden Australia’s economy and alienate Australians from imposed foreign immigrants imposing upon our over-stretched tolerance and generosity.

Only Australia First in the Senate will restore Australian values and put WD40 on the Leftist corrosion of Australian Respectable Society.

Australian Greens Party come clean.  You have let in disaffected Labor Leftists and abandoned your worthy environmentalism for OneWorldists with more interest in promoting sexuality diversity than in saving biodiversity.

The Green have soldout and abandoned their foundation environmental faith for a Leftist OneWorldist ideology.

The Greens controlling the Senate will only hijack debate and supply like they have always done.

Greens in the Senate will only lower the standard

Greens in the Senate