Australia First Party President Banned From New Zealand

The President of the Australia First Party, Dr. Jim Saleam, was refused a visa today to enter New Zealand.

The reasons cited were that he was “a threat to public order”, or “likely to be a threat to public order”.

The application for a visa was made just recently, given that Dr. Saleam was refused entry to New Zealand last October while checking in for a flight at Sydney airport. On that occasion, he was told by Immigration New Zealand he was on a “watch list” and that he should never really have been allowed entry to New Zealand previously. He was told he would henceforth require a visa to enter New Zealand.

Dr. Saleam had been to New Zealand five times since 2005 on business related to developing ties between Australian and New Zealand nationalist organisations. It is fairly obvious that this “watch list” was a 2013 contrivance put in place for a reason.

Dr Jim Saleam, Australia First Party

Dr. Saleam said today:

“In 2013 and in October 2014, I was intending to participate with the New Zealand National Front for their traditional Flag Day parade in Wellington and to confer thereafter with other organisations and persons who adhere to NZ Nationalist ideals. I cannot see what genuine public order issues were involved. This was always a political decision.”

In recent years, Australia First Party and New Zealand parties such as the National Front and the Resistance Party have developed a consistent public critique of immigration, free trade and the growth of Chinese imperialism. Australian and New Zealand nationalists have exchanged ideas and developed positive links. Australian nationalists have marched in Kiwi nationalist parades in Wellington and Christchurch. The disruption of these connections would be an aim of political police agencies.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“The attempt by anyone to disrupt the developing connections between Australian and Kiwi nationalists will ultimately fail if only because there are innumerable ways to conduct a relationship. Of course, the relationships develop in fraternal personal contact is important. The real threat to public order comes from those who restrict the freedom of expression of New Zealand citizens to hear speakers of their choosing.”

Australian and New Zealand nationalists will protest this decision in various appropriate ways.

Special note for readers:

The NZ extreme-left website Fightback reports that certain Australians from the Socialist Alliance and Socialist Party have gone to its conferences in 2012 and 2013. One of the delegates was Anthony Main (Socialist Party) who was captured on film violently assaulting an elderly man in Melbourne in 2013. We wonder if he is on any “watch list”??

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