Australia First – only political party pledged to ban and evict Islam from Australia

Australia is a decent, civilised secular society of the First World, founded on European Christian values and culture.

Islam is a dangerous ideology and absolute system of life from the ancient Third World that is explicitly anti-Christian, which espouses and evangelizes barbarism, dogma and globalist domination.

Islam undermines Australian society.  Islam and Muslims have no place in First World societies like Australia.  Most Ordinary Australians feel this way and have had a gutful of them harming our society, trying to change Australia (deculturation), importing their criminality, imposing their barbaric attitudes, and costing Australia hundreds of millions of dollars in multicultural pandering, welfare, law enforcement, and national security.

It is time to ban Islam in Australia as a dangerous and illegal death cult, just like Fascism, Communism, Cannibalism, Satanism and Genocide.

Ban Islam

Australia First Party is the only party in Australia explicit in pledging that we shall ban Islam in Australia and evict all Muslims from our shores as soon as we are voted into government.

Ban the Islamic cult from Australia

Islamic Repatriation Programme:

(Internally: ‘The Beer and Bacon Initiative‘)

  • Pass national legislation outlining the social harm caused by Islam in Australian, including its links to organised crime and terrorism and so prescribed as a dangerous outlawed cult in Australia
  • Prohibit visa entry into Australia of any Muslim
  • All applicants for Australian citizenship required to have a citizenship breakfast consuming Bacon and Beer on government video
  • Cancel all temporary and permanent visas and citizenship to any Muslim in Australia
  • Freeze all assets of Muslims in Australia, which are then unfrozen upon deportation from Australia
  • Issue deportation notices to all Muslims in Australia, with a six month notice to leave Australia to the country of Origin, including dependents
  • Deem practicing Islam in Australian to be a criminal offence subject to deportation
  • Ban sharia in all its forms including sharia finance, female genital mutilation, taharrush (muzzie gang rape), attending mosques, ramadan, eid al-adhaa, eid al-fitr, jihad, namus, rajm, hadith, displaying any Islamic flag or symbols of Islam, ululation (female tongue trill), arranged marriages, pedophila, islamic punishment of any kind.
  • Ban the Qu’ran and any Islamic head dress (burga, niqab, hijab, al-amira, shayla, khimar, chador, taqiyah (skullcap), fez, tarbush, turban, kufiya, ghoutra, iqal, kufiya, dulband, imma, laffeh, masar, and sarik, etc).
  • Ban Halal (and Kosher while we’re at it) including outlawing all certifiers, all labelling and banning the practice of Halal certification (ditto Kosher)

Angry Muslim

  • Ban all Islamic organisations in Australia, starting with the following: The Islamic Association of Australia, Islamic Organisations for Muslims in Australia, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc, Australian Muslim Womens Association, Muslim Aid Australia, Islamic Relief Australia, Australian New Muslim Association, Islamic Council of Western Australia, Islamic Council of New South Wales, Lebanese Muslim Association, Australian National Imams Council, Crescents of Brisbane, Darulfatwa – Islamic High Council of Australia, Islamic Community Milli Görüş Australia, Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia, Islamic Museum of Australia, Islamic Research and Educational Academy, Islamic Women’s Welfare Council, Muslim Aid Australia, Muslim Business Network, Muslim Community Reference Group, Muslim Women’s Association, National Zakat Foundation
  • Prohibit Islamic political organisations and individual Muslims from holding any level of Australian government position or public service role, due to their Islamic cult connection presenting and unacceptable risk to Australia’s national security
  • Ban radical Islamic (jihad) groups such as Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, Global Islamic Youth Centre, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Islamic Youth Movement, Ahmed Y group, Benbrika group (Melbourne), Cheikho group (Sydney), Lashkar-e-Taiba, Mantiqi 4 (Jemaah Islamiah), Al-Shabaab, Syrian syndicate.
  • Ban all mosques and islamic schools and training centres
  • Withdraw funding for all Islamic organisations receiving Australian government funding and to all organisations with links to Islamic organisations.
  • Pass legislation that prohibits any Australian state or territory from funding or supporting any Islamic organisation
  • Deport all convicted low level criminals who are Muslim to either an offshore detention centre to await repatriation back to their country of origin
  • Establish bilateral arrangements with the United States for Australia to deport all convicted high level criminals and terrorists who are Muslim to Guantanamo Bay Jail for processing
  • Commence a programme of mosque sales and demolition, where the land sales proceeds are refunded to respective Muslims to assist in their cost of repatriation back to the Islamic World.

Australia for Australians First

Australia First for Australians