Aborigines in Broome demand Cable Beach apartheid; imagine if they scammed Native Title and the Preamble?

Lefties up in WA’s north have conned some mob of native title black fella types to try to declare some Hutt River Province secession repeat for Cable Beach north of Broome. Blacks only, no Whites!

Club Med envy or what?  And don’t even think of climbing Ayres Rock after October 26 in 2019 due to similar PC contrived sacred fabrication by the board of the Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park steered out of Canberra’s Department of the Environment and Energy.  In 1973, as part of land rights discussions, the federal government recognised Paddy Uluru as the legitimate, principal owner of Uluru. Paddy Uluru was a fully initiated Anangu man familiar with all the local laws and customs. His views about tourists climbing the Rock were summed up in an interview with Erwin Chlanda of the Alice Springs News which quotes him saying, “if tourists are stupid enough to climb the Rock, they’re welcome to it” and “the physical act of climbing was of no cultural interest”.

Read More: https://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2018/04/banon-climbing-ayers-rock-immoral-illegal/

Now it seems that a few old Kimberley Aborigines reckon they can do an Arnhem Land gated community, denying non Aboriginal types access to Cable Beach and the coast to some 40km north.  They brought in fancy anthropological consultant Danny Leo (Leo Anthropological Services P/L) (based in Nimbin, New South Wales) on some White Fella taxpayer-funded grant.  Of course the Aborigines didn’t fork out a cent for the report.

Daniel Leo on a quid pro quo to garnishee Black Fella apartheid of Broome’s Cable Beach

This is leftist anti-White Australian hate agenda.  This is connection with country gone extreme, yet The Federal Court of Australia in December 2018 ruled that beaches north of Broome are the exclusive possession of native title holders (certain Aborigines) and, although they are popular camping and fishing areas, the public (Australians) do not have a legal right of access.

Apparently some remnant tribes, the ‘Bindunbur’ and ‘Jabirr Jabirr/Ngumbarl’ traditional black fella owners scammed White Fella funded legal aid to scam the Full Federal Court ruling by Justice Anthony North of exclusive black fella possession, removing the universal right of Australian access to Roebuck Bay’s beaches, waterways, marshes, and riverbanks – a 40km stretch of coast from Willie Creek, north of Broome, up to Coulomb Point.

Cable Beach Deed of Apartheid issued by leftie Federal Court Justice Anthony North

Community fears are growing that access to a large swathe of land surrounding Broome’s iconic Cable Beach could be lost, with race-based access denying to non-Blacks because of some native title sacred territory interpretation.  Apparently, the area of white sand dunes and various private lots has been identified as a site connected to secret/sacred rituals and a law ground known as ‘Hidden Valley’, described as a “very powerful place of great significance”.  But there is another Hidden Valley over in Kununurra. How many do they want?

Broome’s Roebuck Bay is already internationally listed for conservation protection under the United Nations Ramsar Convention treaty.

Leading community figures are concerned the application could lead to a total exclusion zone north of the rocks at Cable Beach, where vehicles access the shoreline for people to enjoy swimming, fishing, barbecues, and watching spectacular sun sets – cultural sacred rites, lore and custom of tourist types – especially with a freshly caught local Barra with a squeeze of lemon.  The beach has enjoyed public access for decades for recreational purposes for residents and tourists alike.

Camel Ride Envy – Aborigines want to ban camel rides on Cable Beach…and then probably rename it something indecipherable.

Traditional owners the Yawuru applied under a Commonwealth Act to protect the Billingurru area, consisting of sand dunes to the low watermark of the famous beach.  Nyamba Buru Yawuru chair Debra Pigram said the Yawuru made a resolution in 2015 in response to infringements upon sensitive dune systems at Billingurru.  “Yawuru takes its responsibility seriously for the heritage conservation of our complex saltwater ecosystem, to ensure that balance is maintained between cultural heritage and the needs of our growing town and community,” she said.  “We own Cable Beach’s sunsets.”

But then was it not the ‘Bindunbur’ and ‘Jabirr Jabirr/Ngumbarl’ tribes?  It depends upon who you talk to and who gets the grants.

Cable Beach is to be renamed some indecipherable Aboriginal name, like Ayres Rock – PC renamed ‘Uluru-Kata Tjuta‘.

Club Med is set to be renamed ‘Club Bindunbur’ or ‘Yawuru Conservation Estate’ – exclusively for Blacks bulk billed, again, depending on who you talk to.

What is ‘exclusive possession’ of Australia if not that of Australians, all Australians?

Seems apartheid is alive and well in Broome.

North’s divisive decision is to be rightly appealed in the High Court by the Federal and WA Governments, and the outcome will be the final word on whether native title can trump public access on an Australian beach.

Australian public access to our coastline beaches is an inalienable right to be defended.

If this is what the regressive threat of Native Title poses, imagine if we let ’em chuck in a black fella Preamble in Australia’s Constitution.

Hot headed Black Fellas conveniently forget that by the late 18th Century European colonisation over ‘terra nullius’ was only a matter of when.  The incumbents ought thank they’re lucky stars that the British beat the French to possession, and that subsequent descendants sacrificed and fought off the bastard Japs.  And where did the cash come from to fight off multinational Woodside’s white elephant gas hub from James Price Point in 2013!

Australian beaches are sacroscant for all Australians.