ABC elite media omnipresence lures retired celebrity Ita Buttrose to spin desperate damage control

Poison pretzel or what?


Your desperate leftist ABC announced a replacement chair last February 2019.  ABC outsourced slippery headhunters have lured celebrity Ita Buttrose out of Womens Weekly retirement obscurity to be the anointed ABC chair.

Bad Move Ita Buttrose risks her legacy to infamy.  An advocate for Alzheimer’s and dementia?  Mmm.

Five months after Justin Milne copped the leftie boot for booting Guthrie, Ita Buttrose (77) has been lured by Canberran apparatchiks to do a Packer Mark II.

In announcing the appointment of Ita Buttrose for five years longue chairmanship of the ABC on Thursday, Scott Morrison said: “Australians trust Ita. I trust Ita and that’s why I have asked her to take on this role.”


ABC Chaise Chair – 5 years longue

Ita Buttrose, an eminent Australian with vast historic experience as an editor and media executive.  Buttrose was the founding editor of Cleo Magazine in 1972, and later the editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly.  She was also at the helm of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper in the 1980s, and most recently a panellist on Network Ten’s morning program Studio 10.

Another Packer chick


Yet her figurehead role at the leftie government ABC is desperate and risky.  So Ita, why sacrifice your Australian honour for the conveniences of polly mercenaries, Ita?

Singaporean import ABC Boss Michelle Guthrie, a leftist Malcolm Turnbull propaganda implant, scammed $730K compensation for being sacked by your precursor Chairman Justin Milne – polly misappropriated from Australian taxpayer wealth of course.

A federal parliamentary inquiry found no evidence of political interference by the Government or the former prime minister in any political interference in the taxpayer elitist broadcaster, the ABC.

Guthrie was also paid more than one year’s salary when her contract was terminated, separate to the out-of-court settlement, taking the total pay out to $1.64 million – polly misappropriated from Australian taxpayer wealth of course.

Public servants eh?

Then Milne resigned after allegations he bowed to political interference in relation to the performance and employment of ABC journalists.

Leftie propaganists rule done at the Ultimo glass bunker.

So step up veteran Ita, who quickly delegated David Anderson as Guthrie’s replacement. Not a hard decision. Anderson was acting managing director since September last year, after Michelle Guthrie was sacked.

Ita is Sydney uppercrust Jewish aristocacy, born at Potts Point, raised Catholic and grew up at elitis harbourside Vaucluse.

The recruitment process for a new ABC chair was kept under wraps, with former media executives Kim Williams and Greg Hywood joining Sydney lawyer Danny Gilbert as the favourites for the role.

Another Turncoat-seeded disruptive mole, Ms Buttrose has refused to elaborate…

Turncoat:  “Ita, your legacy teflon at Ultimo will be my sweet revenge.”